Kaboom! Esports announces changes for the 2nd split of CBLoL 2022

Gamer alert: ninja news is coming for the 2nd split of CBLoL 2022. This Monday (30), KaBuM! Esports ended the suspense and announced several changes in its line-ups that will play in the second stage of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship.

In the starting lineup, the main change is the departure of the shooter David “Disave” Sa for the return of ADC Igor “DudsTheBoy” Man. The pro player had already been champion by KaBuM! in 2020 and now returns to the team alongside “Wiz” (Hunter), “Parang” (Top), “Hauz” (Middle) and “Scuro” (Support) in search of the fifth championship.

Already talking about the cast of CBLoL Academy, Emanuel “Rusty” Vitor was announced as the new top laner of the base team. “Scary” (Hunter), “Titeito” (Middle), “Dioge” (Middle), “Stankie” (Sniper), “Stepz” (Sniper) and “Guigs” (Support) were kept in the line-up.

Finally, the ninjas also introduced some changes to their staffs. Jean François “Nuddle” Caron will continue as Head Coach of the main team, but will now have the assistance of Assistant Coach, André “ti0ben” Martinez. At the Academy, Rodrigo “Medina” Cunha will take over as the team’s Coach.

Check out KaBuM’s line-ups! Esports for the 2nd split of CBLoL


  • Lee “Parang” Sangwon (Top)
  • At “Wiz” Yujun (Hunter)
  • Bruno “Hauz” Ferreira (Mid)
  • Igor “DudsTheBoy” Man (Sniper)
  • Gabriel “dark” Dark (Support)

CBLoL Academy

  • Emanuel “Rusty” Victor (Top)
  • Arthur “Scary” Queiroz (Hunter)
  • João Pedro “Titeito” Couto (Middle)
  • Diogenes “Dioge” Bishop (Middle)
  • Gabriel “Stankie” Fernandes (Sniper)
  • Miguel “Stepz” Rezek (Sniper)
  • William “Guigs” Soares (Support)

Technical Staff

  • Jean-François “Nuddle” Caron (Head Coach)
  • Andrew “ti0ben” Martinez (Assistant Coach)
  • Rodrigo “Medina” Cunha (Coach Academy)
  • Victor “SrVenancio” Santos (Analyst)

admin staff

  • Mike Freizer de Paiva (Manager)
  • Danilo Moura Geraldi (Head)

ninja debut

It is worth noting that the new main cast of KaBuM! Esports will be put to the test on June 11th, the premiere date of the second stage of CBLoL 2022, against FURIA. (

The Academy squad, in turn, will make their debut on the June 13 against the FURIA base team.

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