Keep this in mind if you are going to change the light bulbs at home

you may want change the light bulbs from your house, either because they are out of order or simply because they are old and you want to save on your electricity bill. In this article we are going to talk about some aspects that you should take into account, since there are different options and not all of them are the same depending on the objective you have. You will see that choosing one model or another can also make you save on the bill.

Types of light bulbs to save light

It is logical to think that today what you are looking for are light bulbs that consume little. Without a doubt, there has been a very important change if we compare them with the ones we had a few years ago, since they illuminate the same or more, but consume much less. But that is not the only factor that must be taken into account, since another important one is the useful life.

The first option that you can take into account is to buy Energy saving lightbulbs. In fact, you may already have them at home for a few years. They are the ones that began to be marketed a few years ago to replace the traditional ones. It represented a very important saving, in addition to producing much less heat.

But another alternative is to use led bulbs, which are more recent. These also provide a very important benefit in terms of energy savings and produce less heat, so they are a very good option.

Now, which is better? From our point of view today the ideal is to have LED bulbs. They consume less than the low consumption ones, although it is not a very significant difference. They also produce less heat. But where the most noticeable difference is is in the useful life. LED bulbs can last an average of 50,000 hours, while low consumption ones last about 10,000 hours.

You should keep in mind that LED bulbs, although they are already cheaper than a few years ago, are still somewhat more expensive than low consumption ones. However, if you take into account everything that we have explained above, it is something that is worthwhile and in the long run it turns out better.

Where to put smart bulbs

Bulbs with Wi-Fi, an interesting option

But beyond buying a more traditional light bulb, either LED or low consumption, you will have the option of having it as well. Wifi. This means that this bulb is smart and you will be able to manage it from your mobile, control it remotely, etc. This provides multiple advantages that you can take advantage of in your day to day.

It is true that you should take into account that a bulb with Wi-Fi will be consuming electricity even if it is turned off, although it is really very little (about 2 cents per month per bulb). But on the other hand, precisely the fact that you can control them remotely will help you save on bill of the light.

A smart bulb allows you to control when it turns on or off, adjust the brightness, or link it to other devices like speakers or doorbells. They have many functions that you can adapt to your needs to make the most of their features.

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