Kia will let you call a specialist to charge your electric car anywhere

In the near future, at the very moment when your Kia electric car runs out of power, you will be able to order a technician who will come to you with a battery and charge your car wherever you are. And if you go deeper, the automaker has partnered with Current, best known for its on-demand mobile electric vehicle charging app.

As part of this very cooperation, the companies will serve Kia customers living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. And despite the well-known fact that in the territory of the aforementioned cities at the moment there is no problem in finding public charging stations (San Jose has the highest number of public chargers per capita in the entire country), Kia still decided to use these three cities solely as a kind of test, launch pad for this initiative, which in the foreseeable future will only expand until the very moment it is present in every city in America.

In order to use this service, drivers of the company’s car simply need to download the “Current” application, and then book a time and place for payment. Currently, everything works in such a way that the Current technician comes to you with a portable charging system, from which the battery of the electric car is charged. And yes, another plus is that drivers do not have to be present during charging, but they still need to make sure in advance that their charging port is available to the technician so that he can recharge the battery when you are not around. .

It should also be noted that, as part of the newly formed partnership, drivers of electric cars from Kia will receive two free months of service from Current at once. After the trial period, the platform subscription will vary for you from $25 per month for two paid recharges, up to $80 per month for six recharges. But one way or another, it is extremely important to additionally pay attention to the fact that at present, drivers “will only be delivered a charge that, according to the company, is suitable for driving about 90 kilometers.” A more accurate figure will vary depending on the model of your particular vehicle.

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