Kisarta: now available the new setting for D&D 5E

Kisarta, setting for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition made by Illyon Island, is finally available on the publisher’s store. This new dark-toned setting, already funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is now available for purchase for all players.

In short, we have no more excuses… Kisarta awaits us!

Available Kisarta, setting for D&D 5E of Illyon Island

Kisarta is the new manual created by Isola Illyon, a publishing house that brought it to Italy Awaken And City of Mist. It is a setting with gloomy and dark tones that will lead players to immerse themselves in the dark and mysterious ways of the world of the underworld.

The volume, 292 color pages with hardcover, is now available on the store at this link.

In Kisarta, players will take on the role of Anime, dead awakened from their tombs near the Limbo city. The PCs will find themselves battling terrifying beasts, foiling plots, and unearthing cults and conspiracies to find out more about the ancient secrets that lurk among the lost ruins of the afterlife and in the minds of the entities that reign in these places, so as to hope to carve out themselves. a place in the complex scheme of the Great Game, the true center of power in these cursed lands.

This setting allows you to reuse with maximum compatibility characters or entire parties that died during another campaign or create new ones using the new races and classes available, who here can carry out new feats to discover a raw, violent world, which upsets space and time, but also full of great riches, unimaginable powers and mysteries to be discovered.

The manual adds many new elements, mechanics, classes and races to explore this setting in a darker and more tense way. We will also be able to find new ones objects and spells, characters and monsters, plus a long one adventure ready to be played.

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