Know the most important for your Wi-Fi to go well

Basics for Wi-Fi to work well

There are different factors that can influence a WiFi connection work properly or not. Not only do we have to focus, for example, on the devices we use, the router, the network card … So we are going to see the most important elements to take into account.

Router location

Something fundamental that we must take into account so that the Wi-Fi works well is the router location. It is the most important device to have a good connection and where we place it will mark how well the coverage reaches us and the ability to offer wireless connectivity.

It is best to put it in a central place in the house. This way you can better distribute the signal everywhere. It is a mistake to put it at one end, where we are not really going to connect, near walls, etc. A good idea is on top of a piece of furniture, since if it is in an elevated location it distributes the signal better.

Lean on devices to improve Wi-Fi

A very interesting option to improve Wi-Fi is to directly use a device that improves the signal. There are many types and we can place them in our home to connect more devices and have less problems navigating or using any program connected to the network.

For example we can name a WIFI repeater, which is usual, but also other options such as a Mesh system, which what it does is distribute different satellites connected to each other, or PLC devices that take advantage of the power line. In all these cases we will be able to connect from dead zones where the Wi-Fi connection does not reach well. We can always avoid failures with the Wi-Fi repeater.

Have everything updated

Another very important point is to keep everything updated correctly. Here we must mention that we must update the firmware of the router, but also of any device to improve Wi-Fi or the computer’s own network card.

By having the latest versions we will be able to enjoy the improvements and avoid certain problems that may appear. This will help us to make the wireless network work as well as possible and not have errors when browsing.

Set up the network well

In addition to all of the above, another issue to consider is your own network settings. Do you have the router correctly configured so that the wireless signal works correctly? Are you using the correct Wi-Fi band and the best channel to avoid saturation?

These are some factors to consider. We can always change the settings to avoid connecting to Wi-Fi and having no connection or malfunctioning.

In short, to improve Wi-Fi and make it work properly, you can take into account these points that we have mentioned. We have more and more devices that work through the wireless network and that pushes us to achieve the best performance.

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