LEGO and Nintendo reveal the Mario sets that will arrive in 2022

The collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO continues in one piece. The smallest (and not so young) of the house can be in luck, since Nintendo of America has slightly shown the new packs and series that will arrive in 2022. The Nintendo plumber has become in a very short time the protagonist of one of the most beloved LEGO sets. The Mario series and its expansions allow you to recreate the dangerous phases of the Mushroom Kingdom with total freedom and creativity.

New sets from Luigi’s Mansion

This new series will focus on the popular video game of Luigi in his facet of ghostbusters. His latest installment, Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch has been a success, so it is no wonder that the big N does not want to miss the opportunity to transport Mario’s brother and his vacuum cleaner to the lego world.

The toy will be available at three versions different. Many will settle for the most basic pack, while true fans of the series can extend the gaming experience with the expansions. The packs that will go on sale are the following:

  • Expansion Set: Laboratory and Suctionents from Luigi’s Mansion (24.99 euros)
  • Expansion Set: Luigi’s Mansion Ticket (39.99 euros)
  • Expansion Set: Luigi’s Mansion Haunted Game (79.99 euros)

LEGO Luigi Mansion

As you may have seen, they are expansion packs, so we will need a base package to start playing with these new proposals. Neither Mario nor Luigi’s figures are included in any of these new sets. We will have to use the character that we already have at home or get a basic pack that includes the plumbers if we want to start from scratch in this ghostly adventure.

Characters and release date

The simplest game will feature a enemy ghost, the base for mounting Luigi on his Sucking 3000 and the mythical Professor Fesor. The second pack will feature Boo, Polterpup and Cyrus, as well as with a series of elements that will make all kinds of terrifying sounds. Finally, the most complete pack will have neither more nor less than at King boo as final boss. Among his henchmen will be the Red Squeezer and a Entity Trash. The mission will be to rescue a scared Toad from the hall of the haunted mansion.

Regarding the launch date, they will arrive in stores on January 1, 2022. A little to the limit if our intention was to ask the wise men.

A new expansion pack for Super Mario World will also arrive

Another pack that Nintendo has shown on its Twitter account is an expansion of LEGO Super Mario World. By way of teaserThe American subsidiary of Nintendo has slightly shown these packs, although they have not mentioned their names for the moment.

One of the most complete sets seen in the images allows you to recreate the beaches of the video game with its palm trees, crabs and even geysers. They will arrive throughout 2022, and their prices are also anyone’s guess.

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