Voyages: last days to finance the Print and Play board game on Kickstarter

There are only 3 days left for the Kickstarter campaign to close Voyages, the print-and-play board game made by Postmark Games and already funded by nearly 8000 supporters.

Last days to fund Voyages, Postmark Games’ print-and-play board game

Realized by Rory Muldoon (Skora) And Matthew Dunstan (Elysium), Voyages is a board game that will lead us to become expert traders, explorers or merciless fighters aboard a ship… on a single sheet of paper (but also on a tablet or on your computer monitor).

Playable solo or in company alone 20 minutes, in the game we will have to roll three dice at each turn, choosing the value of each die to determine the course of our ship, its speed and the reward for our captain.

We will be able to navigate between the islands of the map delivering goods, collecting a crew to defeat the feared captain DREAD, or completing various objectives that will allow us to reach the three stars to end the game. The winner will be the captain who has accumulated the most gold over the course of the adventure!

Voyages will be delivered in a couple of weeks from the completion of the campaign directly to our inboxes, together with a bonus map that will allow us to embark on new adventures. The pledge will also guarantee to receive free additional maps that will be made in the future. All for the sum of about € 5!

You can find more information about the Voyages Kickstarter campaign on the official project page.

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