Let the heat not escape! Check all this and prevent your house from getting cold

What to do to maintain the temperature at home

Surely you have ever encountered the problem that you put the heating, the house gets a good temperature, but then you see that it drops quickly as soon as you turn it off. It is logical that the temperature decreases, but you can always keep a few things in mind so that this decrease is more gradual and lasts as long as possible.

Beware of the windows

Something fundamental is to be careful with the windows. It is right there where more cold air can enter without us noticing. Any small gap can cause the house to lose heat quickly. It is something that you should review and prevent it from happening with the aim of also saving on the bill.

What can you do to prevent the house from cooling through the windows? A good idea is to use double glazing, but you could also use insulating rubber. Basically, they are rubber bands that you place in the part where the window opens and closes to cover any gaps through which air passes.

Avoid temperature changes between rooms

Perhaps you do not need to have all the rooms at the same temperature and decide to turn off a radiator in places where you do not care if they are colder. Now, you should avoid temperature changes between rooms. If one of them is cold, without heating, it is best to close the door so that the cold air does not come out.

if you leave one room open and coldThis will not only cause the other radiators to work at a higher power, but as soon as you turn them off, the rest of the house will cool down more quickly.

Heating consumption per degree

check all radiators

Do they all work well? radiators from your house? It is important that they act correctly so that they maintain a good temperature and so that there are no imbalances when you turn off the heating at night or when you leave the house. For example, you can bleed the radiators from time to time so that the air they accumulate comes out.

If you have a radiator that doesn’t work well, what we mentioned in the previous point can happen and that will make the house cool faster if you don’t fix it.

Maintain a good temperature for the necessary time

This point is important in order to save, but also to prevent the house from cooling down abruptly. You don’t need to leave the heating on until it’s time to leave home or go to bed. However, you should keep it for as long as necessary so that it does not cool down sooner than you would like.

Therefore, control well how long you are going to have the heating on. You can turn it off for a while before going to sleep, but check the temperature well and correctly manage how cold it can be.

Ventilate the house during the hottest hours

Ventilate the house It’s an important thing, but in winter you have to do it correctly. The idea is that the house does not get cold quickly. If, for example, you ventilate in the evening, just before turning off the heating, that will make it very cold for the hours in which you are going to have it turned off when you sleep. Likewise, if you ventilate early in the morning, it is when it is coldest and the house will cool down the most.

The best thing is that you ventilate it in the central hours of the day, taking advantage of the fact that it is less cold. If possible, ventilate before you go to turn on the heating. You can always automate the heating and use a Wi-Fi Mesh system to connect devices.

Therefore, as you can see, you can better manage the use of heating to prevent the house from cooling down prematurely. The goal is to be able to save money, but at the same time also maintain a good temperature on the coldest days of the year.

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