3 mistakes you are making in your air conditioning and spend a lot of light

He air-conditioning It is one of those devices with the highest consumption that we have at home. In the summer months, when the temperature rises, it is a good option to cool the house. But of course, that will have a significant impact on the electricity bill. You can always make some adjustments and avoid making mistakes that cause higher consumption. Therefore, we are going to give you some keys so that you can save electricity.

Keep in mind that not all air conditioners are the same and that means that they may consume more or less. A device from 20 years ago is not the same as a much more current one. However, in all cases you will be able to take steps to save electricity and prevent the bill from skyrocketing.

Avoid mistakes with air conditioning

Although you will always have a consumption base, it can increase if you make certain mistakes. An important part of the total expense will depend on what you do, on how you control the devices you use in your day to day. Especially, it is key to control those with higher energy consumption.

Not adjusting the temperature

Undoubtedly the main mistake when using the air conditioning is not adjusting the temperature. Each degree of more or less can make you consume or save about 7%. It is important that you put an adequate temperature and do not have the house colder than what you are really going to need.

What temperature is good to maintain the house in summer? This will depend on your level of comfort, but most experts agree that we can perfectly set it between 24 and 27 degrees. At night, depending on the temperature at which you have it, you can always turn it up a bit. For example, you could have it at 24 for the day and turn it up to 25 at night.

Turn it off and on a lot

This error is also going to make you consume a lot. A current air conditioner, when we turn it on and it starts to cool, can consume about 1000Wh. Once it has reached the desired temperature, to maintain it it will consume much less and we can talk about 200Wh.

If you turn off the air, the temperature will rise quickly. When you turn it on a few minutes later, it’s going to have to run the compressor full blast again to cool the house. Therefore, avoid turn it on and off continuously. It is better that you keep it on, unless you are going to leave the house for a long time.

Not having good thermal insulation

This can cause the air to need to run at a higher power to reach the desired temperature. you may have some open window or door, where the outside air will enter. In this air exchange, you will have to consume more energy to reach the ideal temperature in your home.

You can use material to insulate the windows, in case they are not well. This will help you maintain a better temperature inside a room and will help save energy. Keep this in mind to spend less electricity.

As you can see, it is essential to use the air conditioning well. It is important that you avoid making mistakes, since you could be spending more electricity than necessary. Check carefully how you use this device and do not make mistakes that could increase your electricity bill every month.

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