Logitech throws the house out the window: its G432 helmets at this price?

The Logitech G432 headphones have always had excellent performance, but with this offer on Amazon Prime Day it completely surpasses all standards when it comes to quality and price. That is why we highlight it among the Amazon Prime Day 2021 offers, since with the discount they become one of the best headphones with a microphone for less than € 50.

Logitech G432, with a discount of more than 50%

The headset with microphone G432 Not only do they have a great quality in the materials with which it is built, but they are extremely comfortable to wear, since we can rotate the part where the pads are located 90º to hang the headphones from our shoulders for when we are not using them, which prevents us from leaving them lying around. It also helps us to comfortably record a podcast or a live video blog, leaving our ears completely free.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 has two ear pads with 50mm drivers, which are extremely comfortable as they are designed to relieve pressure on our ears. Regarding your weight The Logitech G432 have a weight of 280 grams, which added to the previously explained we have that the Logitech G432 are extremely comfortable.

On the left ear pad we have both the volume control and the 6mm thick microphone, which is fully retractable in 90º to be able to silence it during games, for when we don’t want to be heard.

Logitech G432

With regard to its compatibility with the different systems, these make use of a 3.5 mm minijack, so it is fully compatible with all types of systems that use this classic port. Making it compatible with all PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch consoles, etc. In addition to being fully compatible with the PC, it is on this platform that these headphones exclusively win integers and that Logitech includes a USB DAC as standard with the Logitech G432 what does the decoding to DTS Headphone: X 2.0, the system that enables 7.1 surround sound in games. Although this function cannot be used on other platforms.

So this offer is an excellent opportunity to get some headphones with surround sound “7.1” on our PC. So we have highlighted this offer, not only for the quality of the materials and their comfort of use. But also because of the fact that its ability to reproduce surround sound on PC at an unbeatable price. And is that We can get them during Prime Day 2021 for € 39.99, a price that represents a 50% discount compared to its usual recommended sale price.

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