Look at these pendrives, they are cheap and they work for iPhone and iPad

What use can these accessories have?

If you have never heard of these pendrives or you have not just seen them useful, you should know that there are several interesting functions that you can find in the use of your iPhone or iPad. These are small gadgets that are inserted into devices through the port and that allow you to store files of all kinds on them.

Based on the above, the first highlight of these pendrives is in reference to the saving storage space, since these will allow you to store elements that are taking up a lot of space on your iPhone and iPad, being able to always have them accessible just by connecting it to them. If you have a device that has few GB of memory, the pendrive will be very helpful.

It is also interesting if what you want is make manual backups of items that you have stored in the Files app, especially if you do not have an iCloud rate that allows you to store them in the cloud. It should be noted that you can also transfer data from one device to another in a simple way, so this is also an interesting point.

And last but not least, they take up very little physical space. External hard drives or SSDs can also be interesting, but in the end they take up a lot more space than pendrives. The latter can be taken anywhere because they fit in any pocket, so you would not have problems to always carry them with you or store them in any drawer without taking up space.

The most TOP cheap pendrives of the moment

If you want a recommendation of pendrives, you will find it below. Obviously there are many more than we propose, but these perfectly comply with the 3 ‘B’ rule: good, nice and cheap. What’s more, some of them are now on sale on Amazon, so they become a better option yet.

pendrive flashdrive

The FlashDrive brand offers us this excellent pendrive 4 in 1, since it has both Lightning and USB-C ports, USB 3.0 and even Micro USB. Therefore it is valid for a multitude of devices, including any iPhone and iPad. Its price is less than 19 euros and has a capacity of 32 GB. If you want to know more about this pendrive, click here.

sandisk pendrive

The prestigious SanDisk brand offers a wide variety of pendrive styles and it does from 30 euros, depending on which one is chosen and the capacity. It has both USB 3.0 and Lightning input and offers 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB, so there is a variety for all tastes. You can check all its characteristics by pressing here.

pendrive cool smartphone accesories

We meet again a convertible 3 in 1 with USB-C, USB 3.0 and, of course, Lightning connector. All in a very distinguished and colorful style from the Cool Smartphone Accesories brand and at a price that it does not reach 20 euros, an excellent option for any iPhone and iPad. Check everything about this by clicking here.

pendrive HAODIUSB88

This pendrive the unpronounceable brand HAODIUSB88 offers a capacity of 64 GB by less than 15 euros. In this case it is compatible with iPad that have USB-C or have an adapter for it, having another end with USB 3.0 that will also allow it to work with computers and other equipment with this standard. Press here to know more.

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