Looking for an M.2 SSD? Crucial, XPG and Viper offers arrive

It is a bit the world upside down in several ways. The first, because while the GPUs go up curiously the SSDs do not stop going down, slow yes, but there is the fall. Second, because competing by continuously lowering prices through offers is not common, but rather offering them when they rise. Therefore, and on the eve of further cuts, these offers are designed to outperform the competition in their respective performance and price ranges.

Is it a good time to buy a bargain SSD?

A question that may seem easy to answer, but it is far from it. The problem with these offers is that they are very volatile, probably because they are based on the volume of components purchased and once they are finished, goodbye to the price.

This leaves a scenario of momentary euphoria with everything described, but if we do not take advantage of it, it may be precisely the opposite scenario. Why? Because the market says that prices are going to fall and that they will continue to do so, but it is neither the first nor the last time that it is wrong. This means that where there is a drop and supply today, tomorrow it may be the opposite, because never better said: this market is very “volatile”.

SSD on sale for a limited time

Therefore, today we are going to offer you three SSDs of different capacities that have lowered their price, in some cases to historical lows. One is Crucial, a more than proven brand, another is XPG, which are making their way based on good products and finally we have Viper, the last to arrive and the aspiring to take over. Also, they all share the fact that they are M.2 type with NVMe, so we will have great performance in all cases.



We are talking about a PCIe 3.0 x4 unit in 2280 format compatible with NVMe version 1.3 that integrates NAND FLASH TLC together with a Realtek controller, which gives you up to 2,100 MB / s sequential reading and 1,500 MB / s sequential write with 250K and 240K IOPS respectively.

It integrates a heat sink that promises to lower the temperature to 10ºC, which improves cooling and prevents the unit from entering Throttling. It has gone from costing 75 euros to a more palatable one 61.88 euros.

Viper VP4100 1 TB


Here we talk about an NVMe SSD with PCIe 4.0 x4 that includes a Phison E16 controller and a 1 GB cache to be able to support its speeds. Specifically, we talk about up to 5,000 MB / s in sequential reading and up to 4,400 MB / s, giving a durability of 1,800 TBW.

We started from 189 euros until now we achieved the 161.80 euros, not bad for a 1TB SSD on PCIe 4.0

Crucial P5 CT2000P5SSD8 2 TB

Crucial P5

He is undoubtedly the oldest of all and the bet with the highest capacity of the group today. It is a PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD that reaches the 3,400 MB / s reading and 3,000 MB / s writing sequence, with a durability of 120 TBW.

It is the one that falls the least in percentage price, since it goes from 251.58 euros to 244.72, but any reduction is always welcome, especially for a 2 TB capacity SSD.

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