Lords of Ragnarok, from Awaken Realms, is on Gamefound

It is taking place these days on Gamefound the crowdfunding campaign of Lords of Ragnarok, the new board game from Awaken Realms. Ideally, this is a follow-up to their previous and highly regarded one Lords of Hellas, which from the previous Greek setting has moved north, around Norse mythology.

Let’s take a closer look at this title by Adam KwapiƄski, former author of Nemesis and InBetween.

Awaken Realms’ new board game, Lords of Ragnarok, is on Gamefound

We are facing a title for 1 to 4 players, playable in about 90-120 minutes. The core of the game is taken from that of the Hellenic predecessor, but reworked with new and particular variations. It is a game of movement on the map, territory control and epic battles through what, at least from the images present in the campaign, appear as miniatures of truly exquisite workmanship. To the whole, the publisher and the author of the game also wanted to add a touch of sci-fi!

Lords of Ragnarok has already convinced nearly 7000 supporters, who split into the two levels of pledge. The first, the Core, has a cost of 100 euros, but it really seems to be already pretty full. Alternatively, with around 170 euros you can contribute to obtain the Mytic Pledge, full of further add-ons, especially aesthetic ones. Delivery into the hands of the lenders is expected around July 2022; while the Lords of Ragnarok campaign on Gamefound will be open until next November 11th.

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