LEGO City Stuntz: adrenaline and speed in the new LEGO sets

News from around the world LEGO they never end and the Danish brick house has announced the arrival of new sets from the brand LEGO City that will kick off the new series Stuntz.

Stunts in the air, obstacles and winding bikes will be at the heart of this series that will offer thousands of different combinations for a more spectacular LEGO experience than ever.

LEGO City Stuntz: the first 6 kits arriving in October

A sensational new gaming experience has landed in the arena of LEGO City, expanding the theme to new levels and textures with LEGO City Stuntz. The thrilling range features many exciting new features such as the “load and go” function, which allows the bikes to perform stunts in the air: a unique opportunity to devise infinite combinations of play, stimulating creativity and imagination.

Each of the 6 new sets will allow small and big fans of the brick to recreate realistic scenarios and to make their heroes the protagonists of always different stories and adventures. Sets will include launch pads, load-and-go bikes for flying stunts, obstacles and flame constructions LEGO to experience infinite challenges. Competitions and shows will come to life to entertain even the most daring fans!

The first sets LEGO City Stuntz, for builders aged 5 and over, will be available from October 1st both on the LEGO Store and in the best toy stores, and will include:

  • Stunt Park 60293 (29.99 €)
  • 60294 Stunt Show Truck (59.99 €)
  • 60295 Stunt Show Arena (89.99 €)
  • Demolition Stunt Bike 60297 (7.99 €)
  • Stunt Bike rocket 60298 (7.99 €)
  • Acrobatic competition 60299 (19.99 €)

LEGO City Stuntz Truck Stunt

While the other 4 sets already announced will bring new Stunt Bikes within the range LEGO City Stuntz, will arrive in 2022 and will be:

  • Wheelie Stunt Bike 60296 (7.99 €)
  • Selfie Stunt Bike 60309 (7.99 €)
  • Chicken Stunt Bike 60310 (7.99 €)
  • Fire Stunt Bike 60311 (7.99 €)

With the expansion of the LEGO City universe, the game experience with stunt stunts will be endless, as will the action-packed adventures that can be created by mixing the various sets available.


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