Magic the Gathering Arena will introduce new and exclusive mechanics

Wizards of the Coast will soon introduce new and exclusive game mechanics for Magic the Gathering: Arena, the application for computers and mobile devices that allows you to enjoy the famous card game Magic, created by Richard Garfield.

Let’s see what awaits us, and why all of this is about to be a revolution for the US company.

News coming to the mechanics of Magic the Gathering: Arena

Since its launch in 2019, MTG: Arena has always been a faithful digital transposition of the physical counterpart of the trading card game. Everything we saw on the screen, we could have found, today or in the past, even by opening any package. But starting from the next set Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, it will be possible to find, exclusively on MTG: Arena, 31 new cards that will not see the presses.

But these are not just exclusive cards, but 3 new keywords, which will correspond to exclusive mechanics, which we will only be able to see on MTG: Arena. This is because the nature of a digital game, and therefore managed by software, will allow us to see these new powers on the cards in a world that would not be possible in the paper counterpart. These new keywords are Seek, Perpetually, And Conjure.

Seek will allow players to research certain cards within the library without having to shuffle it. With Perpetually we will be able to assign abilities to our cards for the duration of the game, regardless of whether they are in or end up in our hand, in play or in the graveyard. Thanks to Conjurefinally, we will be able to “evoke” completely new cards in our deck, which will then behave like real cards during the rest of the game. This will allow Wizards of the Coast to introduce new cards that cannot be found in decks, but only “summoned” thanks to the Conjure abilities of other cards.

It is certainly the beginning of a new era for Magic, where the path of Arena, hitherto run parallel to that of the physical game, separates. We’ll see where all of this takes us in the future that Garfield and Co. are plotting for their title. Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will arrive on MTG: Arena on August 12th.


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