Make these small changes and you will improve your Internet security

Changes to improve network security

There are certain measures that we can take into account to avoid security problems. Sometimes just by making a few small changes we can achieve greater protection. It is common to make mistakes without realizing it, such as having an online account with weak protection.

Renew your passwords

One of the quick and easy changes you can make is to renew the passwords you use. It is the main security barrier to prevent intruders in the accounts. If we use weak keys, which we also repeat in other online services, this can lead to intruders trying to enter and breaking the protection.

Our advice is to renew your passwords from time to time. change the keys and uses reliable options, guarantees, that prevent the entry of intruders. You can even protect the browser with a password.

Check the device

you must also check that everything is ok on the device you use, be it a mobile or a computer. Small changes like updating the version of the operating system or enabling the antivirus can make you much safer on the Internet. There may be vulnerabilities that are exploited by attackers, as well as viruses that enter unprotected computers.

Always install a good antivirus, such as Avast or Microsoft Defender itself. Also make sure you have everything up to date, with any necessary patches added. This will provide a security plus.

Remove unreliable programs

You may have installed Applications that you no longer use and that are also not safe. Programs that you downloaded at some point for something specific and that you no longer need now, could be the gateway for hackers and get to control your system or insert malware.

Therefore, remove software that you see is not reliable and that you do not need. Always make sure to install apps only from official sources. This is important so as not to have security problems and to be using programs that could be the access route to your computer.

Don’t use your primary address

Another small change you can make to improve your Internet security is to not use your email address main in certain cases. For example, if you’re going to sign up on a page that isn’t very secure or topics that start spamming you from then on, you can use another address.

This is very useful to not expose your main account. You don’t leak personal data either, and you don’t run the risk of accidentally downloading a malicious file in the future that reaches that account and contains some kind of malware.

In short, these changes that we mentioned can help you maintain security on the Internet. The objective is to be protected at all times, not to fall into the trap of hackers and prevent them from stealing your passwords or sneaking in a virus.

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