VPN or Tor: which is better to browse with privacy

When browsing the Internet our data can be compromised. There are many problems that can affect privacy, but we can also count on different solutions to improve it. There are two interesting options: VPN and Tor. However, they have differences, as we will see. In this article we will explain what are the most outstanding points of each of these alternatives.

Differences between VPN and Tor

We can say that both Tor and a VPN are two methods for improve online privacy, hide the real IP address and also be able to skip geographical restrictions. Although they largely have the same objective, the truth is that they are different. Each option has its advantages and we may sometimes choose one or the other.

Undoubtedly an important point to choose one or the other is the security. If we want to encrypt the entire connection, then the VPN clearly wins. If we only want to hide our data when entering a web page, Tor is a good option due to its routing through nodes.

What the VPN does is encrypt all the traffic that comes out of our computer. It does not matter if we are using a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, an application to make video calls or any other program that has access to the network. Everything will go through this intermediary. Instead, using the Tor browser only encrypts the traffic from that browser.

There is also a clear difference in speed. Tor works through what is known as onion routing, which is basically multiple layers or nodes through which data traffic passes until it reaches its final destination. This makes it quite slow and we can check it as soon as we use this browser and do a speed test, for example. Instead, the VPN in this sense is better. Although we are always going to lose speed, it is not as much as in the case of Tor.

Which one is better for safe navigation?

Here you must take into account several factors that are related to what we have explained. if you want to play streaming videosFor example, to bypass geographic restrictions on Netflix, a VPN will always work better. In fact, Tor is not recommended in these cases as you will have a lot of outages because the connection is going to slow down a lot.

if you are looking for Easy to use and have something free, Tor can be more interesting there. It basically consists of installing the browser, carrying out the basic configurations and that’s it. Good VPNs are usually paid. Of course, you will find a large number of VPN options on the Internet.

However, in both cases you will achieve network anonymity and encryption. Of course, based on the differences that we have mentioned, such as the fact that the VPN can encrypt the entire connection and Tor only what you open from your browser.

Is it convenient to use both options at the same time? The truth is that it is possible. If you are looking for maximum privacy, it is a good option. However, it is not the most practical, since you are really going to have a very limited Internet connection and you would have problems using any service normally.

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