Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Server: Know the Differences

What is a managed VPS server

A managed VPS server is one whose management is the responsibility of the hosting that we have hired. That is to say, all the technical questions are going to be carried out by the service that we contract and not by the user. This means software updates, managing mail, database, installation of add-ons…

Many managed VPS services also include hosting automated backups, without us having to do anything. This frees up work for users, but it is also ideal for not making mistakes that could expose security.

We can say that this option is ideal for less experienced users. Keep in mind that managing a VPS can have complications, such as knowing the operating system, knowing how to use the command line, etc. All this, everything that we can say is more complex, would be carried out by the contracted hosting service.

This does not mean that users do not have access to the control panel and manage the VPS, but they would not have to make any complex changes or anything that could compromise its proper functioning. They could just make changes if they wanted to, but nothing technical.

Therefore, with managed VPS hosting, the client does not need to have knowledge or learn anything new to be able to use it. It will be much simpler and the essentials will be managed from the control panel, such as cPanel. For example to create email accounts, upload files, install content managers, etc.

When to use this option

We can say that a managed VPS server is common to hire for basic projects, general, that do not require anything out of the ordinary. Basically, in those circumstances in which we are going to be able to use it without problems with the OS that comes predefined, the settings and software.

It is more suitable for users who also want not worry, that they do not seek to be aware of possible security updates, to configure settings and to have to solve any problem that may appear. It is the ideal option for unattended use, in which the hosting that we hire takes care of everything.

Key points:

  • Ideal for non-expert users
  • No need to worry about management
  • Lower security risk

What is an unmanaged VPS?

On the other hand, an alternative that we have is to hire an unmanaged VPS server. Also known as Customer Managed VPS. In this case, the user will have to carry out such important aspects as creating backup copies, managing software updates, etc.

An example of the possibilities offered by an unmanaged VPS is being able to choose another operating system different from the one offered by the hosting. Maybe we want to use a different one because we are more familiar with it or it has interesting options that we want for our server.

Being managed by the client means that it will have root access. You will have control over the administration of that server without restrictions. It is ideal for more experienced users who really know what they need and how they are going to get the most out of their server.

By having control and being able to manage it ourselves, we will be able to carry out tests. This, of course, also has its risks. It is important not to make mistakes that could expose security and cause the server to stop working properly or be accessed by intruders.

When is this option appropriate?

Therefore, opting for a client-managed VPS is convenient when we are looking for something more. That is, when we see that what the hosting offers falls short and we need greater control, being able to install another operating system or make different changes ourselves.

However, this option must be taken into account only if we are experienced users. Otherwise, we could have problems that put the security and the proper functioning of the server at risk.

Key points:

  • Geared towards more experienced users
  • greater flexibility
  • Full control over the system

Which to choose?

So which one should we choose? That will depend on what we look for with our hosting, the knowledge we have and, looking to the future, how we think our website will go. In other words, later on we may need to manage it ourselves to install another operating system, for example.

How should a business hosting be?

However, we can say that in most cases the ideal is a managed VPS server. In this way we will avoid security problems, we will avoid problems and everything will be managed by the hosting itself. We will always have the option to change some basic configuration parameters, but we will not have to rack our brains over anything else.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is have full control, you are an experienced user and you want to have access to the complete administration of the VPS, in that case you should opt for an unmanaged VPS. With this option you will have a greater range of possibilities, although you will have to solve the possible problems that may arise yourself.

If you take into account the priceThe truth is that there are no big differences. It would not be a really determining factor to choose one or the other option. In fact, some providers offer exactly the same price for a managed or unmanaged VPS. However, in some cases the managed ones are slightly more expensive.

In short, as we have seen, there is a clear difference between managed and unmanaged VPS server: being able to manage it or not. Choosing one or the other option will depend on the type of user and how we want to manage our website, as well as the knowledge necessary to avoid problems that may appear at a given time.

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