ManCalamaro at Lucca Comics and Games 2021: here’s what awaits us

The stand of ManCalamaro as always, it will be one of the unmissable ones for all board game enthusiasts and the young Venetian publishing house will not disappoint by bringing Lucca Comics and Games 2021 lots of news.

Lucca this year will not be the usual Lucca: reduced entrances, moved pavilions, many changes … but the desire to start over is so much!

The news of ManCalamaro for Lucca Comics 2021

ManCalamaro has only good news for the event that will open in a few days with all the most anticipated titles that will be available in demo and for sale (albeit in limited quantities).

Here, then, is the list of news that you can find at stand CVL212 In the San Donato pavilion:

Khora: The Rise of an Empire

In Khôra, each player is the leader of a thriving city-state of ancient Greece. To enforce your dominance, you need to develop your City faster and better than your opponents!

  • Author: Head Quarter Simulation Game Club
  • Illustrators: David Chapoulet, Jocelyn Millet
  • 2-4 players / 75 min. / 14+
  • Public price: € 55 – Fair Promo price € 50

Last Message

In Last Message, a crime victim provides detectives with clues in the form of a drawing about the identity of the person who killed her. However, at each turn, the culprit covers his tracks by erasing parts of the clues!

  • Authors: Juhwa Lee, Giung Kim
  • Illustrators: Stephane Escapa, Vincent Dutrait, Gus Morais, Nathan Hackett
  • 3-8 players / 15 min. / 8+
  • Public price: € 22 – Fair Promo Price: € 20.00

Unmatched Cobble & Fog

Four new characters and a double-sided board with two new maps set in Victorian London: Dracula, the Invisible Man, Doctor Jeckill and Mr. Hyde and Sherlock Holmes await you for new battles like no other!

  • Authors: Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, Justin D. Jacobson
  • Illustrator: Oliver Barrett
  • 2-4 players / 30 min. / 9+
  • Public price: € 38 – Fair Promo Price: € 35

Little Factory

Buy, produce, trade, resell and build – all in one convenient deck of cards! Manage your resources to become the best builder! Produce or trade resources to acquire more valuable ones and construct buildings that make it easier for you to gain new resources and victory points.

  • Author: Théo Rivière
  • Illustrator: Djib
  • 1-5 players / 25 min. / 7+
  • Public price: € 16.99 – Fair Promo Price: € 15.00

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