Many do not wait for the iPhone 13: this is how the 12 are being sold

How did the iPhone 12 sell in June?

The data to which the aforementioned media has had access comes from Samik Chatterjee, an analyst who works for the financial firm JP Morgan and whose information is based on a trend survey carried out in the United States. In this, the level of telephone sales was analyzed last June and although its margin of success is not the same as that of the elaborate studies that are usually carried out, it seems to give a good example of the feeling of the market in the native country of Apple and may probably be applicable in some way to other territories.

One of the conclusions that Chatterjee drew is that The iPhone 12 have sold better than expected, something that could also have influenced the fact that the Californian company finds itself with much more stock of components than a good part of its Android competitors. We recall that the driver industry is not going through a good time in 2021 to the point that there are rumors that Samsung will not be able to renew its Galaxy Note line this summer as it has been doing for several years.

According to this survey the best seller was the iPhone 12, the standard, the one that does not have ‘mini’, nor ‘Pro’ as a surname. And although no approximate data are given either in percentage or in figures of units sold, the source states that It is closely followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Already further away are the iPhone 12 Pro Y iPhone 12 mini in that order.

The curious case of the iPhone 12 mini

Although in the month of June the ‘mini’ was the least sold, or at least this survey affirms it, the truth is that it was not always this way despite the fact that many may think so. The iPhone 12 mini could have discontinued in factories As indicated by various sources for months based on a lower than expected sales volume, which really seems to have a greater relationship with an excess of confidence on the part of Apple than with the fact that it is a phone that is undervalued in the market. market. In fact, in other studies published months ago we saw how even the iPhone 12 Pro sold less than this, although the trend in June changed positions.

Be that as it may, it seems that Apple will not back down this year to its idea of launch an iPhone 13 mini, although surely they will take into account the figures handled with their predecessor when making orders to factories. What does seem to be looming is that in 2022 that 5.4-inch size will be put aside in favor of offering 6.1 and 6.7-inch models both in the standard range and in the ‘Pro’.

Review iPhone 12 mini

Waiting for official reports and the iPhone 13

It is expected that in the next few days Apple will announce a date in which it will announce (worth the redundancy) the economic results of the company in the second quarter of 2021. And although these no longer give specific data on iPhone units sold and it is not even said which ones are the best sellers, it will serve to give some more official context to studies like the one we have been discussing.

Already at the end of August is when it is expected that those from Cupertino will officially announce an event that, except for a major surprise, would be held in the first half of September and that would serve to officially present the four new iPhones. It will be at that moment when we really see a considerable decline in sales of what are still the company’s most recent smartphones.

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