Marvel Takes a Very Dark Turn in This Breathtaking Trailer

Without warning anyone, Disney+ released the first trailer for its Echo series, centered on the character seen in Hawkeye. The first thing that jumps out at you is undoubtedly the graphic violence, quite unprecedented for a Disney production. An artistic direction that is perfectly conscious and desired by its director.

echo wilson fiskecho wilson fisk

While season 2 of Loki has now come to an end, Disney+ is beginning to prepare the ground for the continuation of its prolific MCU. This certainly explains the furtive appearance of a trailer that we weren’t expecting: that of Echo, the next series centered on the character seen briefly in Hawkeye. And the least we can say is that Disney is clearly no longer afraid.

Indeed, this trailer stands out from the crowd by a certain assumed violence, both physical and psychological. The latter begins with a particularly angry Wilson Fisk, who does not hesitate to beat up a man in the street, without the camera looking away. She then focuses on the control that the gangster has over the young girl he has taken under his wing, who is none other than Echo.

Disney+ unveils the first trailer for its Echo series

Furthermore, we find Vincent D’Onofrio in the skin of the Kingpin, which will delight early fans who followed the adventures of Daredevil and his gang on Netflix, a few years ago – of which he himself is preparing his return on Disney+. Precisely, Echo seems to be inspired by the very dark universe depicted in the series, giving the whole thing a much more adult tone than other MCU productions.

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“It’s a slightly tougher series for Marvel, which shows the extent of what Marvel is capable of,” Brad Winderbaum, head of streaming, television and animation at Disney+, admits to the Hollywood Reporter . “In our show, people bleed. They die. They get killed and there are real-world consequences,” adds director Sydney Freeland.

Echo will be broadcast in full on January 10 on Disney+

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