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The real Warzone comes to mobile

Although Call of Duty Mobile offers a battle royale mode, this new Warzone Mobile will offer the true survival mode experience. Basically because the number of players will supposedly reach an incredible 120, being similar to the console and PC versions, so the experience in that aspect will be identical.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile


A new @CallofDuty experience is heading straight for your phone 📱

📢Officially announcing Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile!

Keep an eye on our new channels for more info as we head towards #CODNext.

September 13, 2022 • 11:31

In this way, players will be able to play on a large map against a large number of opponents, something that is basically what a Battle Royale has always offered, and that is the least that is expected in a release of this type.

What will the map be?

Warzone Season 3

The latest rumors speak of the return of Verdansk, a very smart move on the part of Activision, since it is a much loved map and that many players have wanted to bring back for a long time (remember that currently on consoles and PC you play the Pacific map). This could make many players play the mobile version out of simple curiosity to remember those corners and characteristic areas of the city that ended up plagued by zombies.

shared progression

Something that has us quite confused is that Warzone Mobile will include the shared progression feature with the PC and console version. If we take into account that on mobile we will play in Verdansk and on PC and consoles in a different map, the synchronization of the profile with the advances and the unlocked weapons would make little sense, unless the weapons and operators are the same ones that we will use in Modern Warfare 2 (consoles and PC). There is no doubt that we are missing something, so it will be better to wait for the next day 15 to clear up doubts completely.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will feature “shared progression” (potentially with the console/PC game?) and 120 player lobbies, per the meta description of the website link.

September 13, 2022 • 11:31

war zone 2

warzone 2 leaked date

But if there is something that has players especially on edge, it is the arrival of Warzone 2. The new generation of Battle Royale should take its first steps soon, since in the broadcast on the 15th we will know everything related to the long-awaited game. As has happened before in other Call of Duty releases, the mode will not arrive until several weeks after the launch of the new game (Modern Warfare 2), and considering that this will happen on October 28, there is no doubt that It’s time to know everything about Warzone 2.

In the meantime, it seems that data miners have come up with some clues as to what will happen in the coming months, as according to information posted by Tom Henderson, the current Warzone will be renamed Warzone Caldera, leaving the possibility that the new Warzone 2 is simply called Warzone. This would also suggest that the launch of Warzone 2 would be scheduled for November 28, a month just after the launch of Modern Warzone 2, something that fits perfectly with what happened in previous editions.

According to the latest leaks, the news that the new Warzone could include would be the following:

  • Random NPCs around the map
  • There will be chests with weapons and ammo, as well as weapons on the floor of the map
  • Different backpack sizes
  • new contracts
  • A helicopter available in the famous Highrise area (old Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map)
  • There will be no toxic gas, now the circle will be a sandstorm
  • The wheels of the vehicles can be punctured with shots
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war zone 2 update

NPC’s are in the map randomly
Container based looting as well as floor loot
Different sized backpacks (Storage space)
New contracts
Helicopter from HIGHRISE is useable
No more toxic gas coming into the map, its now a dust storm
Tires can be shot out from cars.

September 13, 2022 • 11:31

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