Massive video leak of GTA 6, the long-awaited Rockstar game

A user of GTAForums has shared a total of 90 videos that, in theory, come from a test version of GTA 6. This version works using «assets» (elements) of GTA 5 and GTA 6which means that it would be like a kind of intergenerational version, something that would give strength to the rumors that said that this title was going to arrive as a generational transition game, and that it would not be exclusive to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series XS.

We had doubts about the veracity of this leak, but now that Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has confirmed it we can calmly share the information with you, since it has been duly verified. In a tweet, the well-known journalist explained that this leak is real, that it is one of the largest that has occurred in the industry and a nightmare for Rockstar, but he has also clarified that everything that has been leaked corresponds to a stage of early development and obviously the game is not finished.


Little by little there has been a trickle of videos showing content from that leak. Some have appeared on YouTube, but are being removed at the request of the company itself. Take-Two, the one in charge of publishing Rockstar games. Needless to say, this gives even more credibility to this huge leak.

Of the many videos that have been leaked, I have specially selected two to share with you because they are, in my opinion, the most interesting for what you can see in them. In the first we see a female protagonist robbing a restaurant, something that fits with what we already told you at the time in this article, where we saw that GTA 6 was going to have a female co-star. I have not been able to directly link the video due to the privacy settings, but you have it in the link that I have left you previously.


In the second video we can see a conversation in a swimming pool, and in it there are more extensive dialogue options that move away from the limitations of GTA V. Both videos show, however, a questionable graphic finish, since everything is too similar to what we saw in the old generation of consoles. This video was removed when I was writing the articleso I can only leave you a screenshot of the original tweet.

As we have already said, some trusted sources have said that this leak corresponds to an early build and that everything we see is “old”, but the truth is that in some videos you can clearly see that the content was running on GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards. The first one hit the market at the end of 2020 and the second debuted in January 2021, so I think it’s not entirely true to say that what we see in the videos is “very old”, after all the state of development of a game as big as GTA 6 can’t change drastically in a matter of a year.


It may be that what we see in the leaked videos does not end up representing the final technical finish of GTA 6, in fact I hope that it is so since if the opposite happens it would be a complete disappointment. It’s all up to Rockstar, the well-known developer knows they set the bar very high with GTA V, and I guess they’re also aware that developing GTA 6 as an intergenerational game won’t do them any good because, in the end, this will end up looking like a “modded” GTA V rather than a brand new gamedue to the limitations that PS4 and Xbox One will impose. Just below I leave you a compilation video with a lot of leaked content, take the opportunity to see it because we don’t know how long it will last until YouTube removes it due to another Take-Two claim.

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