MC2021 ‘Mobility Solution’ Awards: ASUS ExpertBook B1400

This year, the MC2021 Awards jury has estimated that the “Mobility Solution” recognition is for the ultraportable ASUS ExpertBook B1400, for daring to improve the advantages that these teams usually offer the user. The ASUS ExpertBook B1400 is a team that dares to redefine, in its own way, the more traditional concept of ultraportable, and it does not do it lightly, but loaded with interesting arguments.

In this analysis we made of the ASUS ExpertBook B1400 we found that it is a professional laptop ultralight, powerful, balanced and with an affordable price. This allows ASUS to reach those professionals who want to enjoy the value that this type of equipment offers, but who until now had not been able to do so because the price was an insurmountable obstacle.

The ASUS ExpertBook B1400 configuration got a spectacular result in terms of performance, in our analysis. Fluidity and performance will live up to the expectations of professionals, as well as interactions with the keyboard. On the other hand, the thermal values ​​do not shoot up, not even when we work intensively, and thanks to the top-of-the-range configuration that integrates this version of the ASUS ExpertBook B1400 we can enjoy unique flexibility, executed through that SSD-HDD duality, and also through the concurrence of an integrated and a dedicated GPU.

ASUS ExpertBook Series

In mid-June, ASUS expanded its portfolio of professional notebooks with two new additions that become part of its ExpertBook series: the ExpertBook B1400 and the ExpertBook B1500. Both models fit within the ultraportable concept, which means that they are very light in weight and offer high autonomy, but without sacrificing an excellent level of performance.

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In addition, this series is equipped with the new 11th generation Intel Core processors, which they are unbeatable in terms of CPI, and that thanks to their configurations of up to four cores and eight threads they can optimally face any challenge.

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