McDonald’s presents a gaming chair capable of keeping your burger warm, and it’s very very ugly

On the occasion of a contest organized by McDonald’s UK, the famous fast food chain unveiled the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, a gaming chair of absolute atrocity. To push bad taste to its climax, the seat has a chip holder and a small heating box to keep your nuggets warm…

Credits: McDonald’s

In recent years, more and more companies have sought to invest at all costs in this flourishing video game market. Some give birth to effective marketing campaigns that are at least respectful of players, such as Monster Energy that put Apex Legends’ Wraith on the cans of Monster Ultra.

As for fast food, the prize goes without question to KFC. After unveiling a controller for the Xbox Series X in the brand’s colors, the company surprised everyone by presenting the KFConsole. For the occasion, the fast-food giant has teamed up with Cooler Master to develop this machine, which features a 9th generation Intel Core i9 SoC, an ASUS mini graphics card and two 1TB Seagate SSDs.

As for McDonald’s, the American company is trying somehow to make inroads into gaming, without real success. The brand had tried to offer customized DualSense, but fortunately for us, Sony banned this cursed marketing operation. Only, McDonald’s has just struck again.

McDonald’s unveils an absolutely hideous gaming chair

On the occasion of the UK launch of the McCrispya new “specialty” based on chicken, the brand has set up Facebook contest. The first prize is none other than the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chairmost likely the ugliest gaming chair ever.

The main body, obviously inspired by the design of racing car seats, sports an ugly yellow with the word McCrispy printed all over, while the removable head cushion bears the golden arcs of the brand’s iconic logo.

mcdonalds seat gaming
Credits: McDonald’s

History of pushing bad taste to the climax, this gaming chair has everything you need to stuff yourself with fries during your gaming sessions. That’s why it has a fry holder, slots for pots of sauce and a small heating box “to keep your McCripsy warm”. Worse still, McDonald’s is proud to announce that the seat is equipped with a stain-resistant coating to protect the fabric from greasy fingers…

Thank goodness the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair is just a publicity stunt, and only one copy is put into play during this contest. However, note that three other chairs were produced and offered to steamers as part of the promotion of the contest. In other words, at least four of these horrors are somewhere in the wild. And that’s already too much.

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