Meet iBeesoft data recovery software for PC and Mac

The software company iBeesoft has one of the software of faster data recovery and reliable that exist today, the data recovery program is compatible with both PCs with the Windows operating system, as well as with Mac computers. This program will allow us to recover deleted data from internal storage units, but also external storage units like pen drives, micro SD cards, SD cards and other removable storage devices. Today in RedesZone we are going to explain all the functionalities that this software allows us.

Main features

The data recovery program of iBeesoft for PC and Mac is really complete, it will allow us recover accidentally deleted filesGenerally when we accidentally delete a file, we can recover it through the recycle bin, but if we have emptied it accidentally or if we have used the «Shift» key to delete the data, we will no longer be able to recover it from the trash bin. This is where this data recovery software comes into play. Other very important characteristics are that it allows us recover deleted or lost partitionsIf our hard drive or SSD has several partitions, and we accidentally delete one of them, it is possible to recover the partition again so that the files are accessible again, or directly recover all the disk files since they will still be there. Of course, it is also capable of recover files if hard drive has been formatted, as long as we have not performed a low-level formatting and writing data randomly, because it is securely deleted it is almost impossible to recover the data. This iBeesoft software will allow us recover disk in RAW, that is, without having any partition table to write to. This usually happens when the disk is not accessible or there is some problem with the partition table, in addition, it could also be because a part of the disk is corrupt and it is not able to detect where the different partitions start.

Other important functionalities are that it allows us to recover the files if some erroneous operation such as moving or cutting data has been carried out, in these cases it is possible that with a power cut the file is damaged or corrupted, this file recovery program is capable recovering data in these cases, in addition, it could also recover data from a ransomware attack, as long as the data on the hard drive has not been overwritten. Thanks to this data recovery program for Windows we will be able to recover the data in case of loss, and in a really simple way thanks to its complete configuration assistant.

This program is compatible with any PC or server that incorporates the Windows or Mac operating system, it is also compatible with memory cards, therefore, it will be able to recover deleted photos from a camera SD card easily and quickly, for Of course, it is also compatible with digital video cameras, external hard drives, USB sticks and also any removable storage drive. Regarding the types of compatible files, we have full compatibility with all formats of images, audio, video, documents and files in general, therefore, we can recover almost any type of file that we have lost and want to recover.

Operation of the iBeesoft program

The operation of this program is very simple, once we have downloaded and installed it in our operating system, in the main menu we will select recover data, then we can select the location of the file that we have deleted, the program will be in charge of scanning all deleted files and will try to recover the file that we have deleted or that we have lost by mistake. As you can see, it is compatible with hard drives and SSDs without any problem, in addition, we also have the possibility of recovering any file from removable storage media such as pen drives, SD cards or external hard drives.

This program has a quick scan that will be able to detect recently deleted files, however, it also has a full scan that can take up to hours to check all the deleted files on the hard drive, depending on the storage capacity and also of the speed of the hard drive or removable storage drive, it will last more or less time.

Once we have scanned the storage medium where we want to recover the file, we can see it and we can even see a preview of the deleted file. Once we have located it, we will simply have to select it and click on the “Recover” button at the bottom right. Once we click there, you can recover it in seconds, it is absolutely necessary that the recovery of this file is carried out by copying the recovered file to another hard drive or partition different from the original one, because we could “step on” other information on the disc.

As you have seen, this program of iBeesoft data recovery It is really easy to use, we can recover our files in seconds thanks to the configuration wizard that it has, which will guide us step by step so that the recovery is a success. You can visit the iBeesoft website to download the data recovery software:

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