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This year in the RedesZone 2022 awards we have different very important categories, the two most important categories for domestic environments are the best WiFi Mesh system and the best Wi-Fi router of the year. Next, we have other very important awards such as the best Wi-Fi Mesh ecosystem, the best professional AP with Wi-Fi 6 and also the best managed switch on the market, specifically aimed at SMEs.

Best Wi-Fi 6 router of 2022: AVM FRITZ!Box 4060

This AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 router is the best of this year 2022, although it does not incorporate the new Wi-Fi 6E standard, the performance it is capable of providing and the user experience is simply perfect. This model has Simultaneous tri-band with Wi-Fi 6 and AX6000 class, so we are going to get great wireless performance. The router has one 2.5G Multigigabit port for the WAN of the Internet, a total of three Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN Y one USB 3.0 port to have the NAS functions on the router.

This model is ideal for complement our operator’s router, deactivating your WiFi and being able to use this equipment that is much more powerful at the wireless level than the typical routers of the operators. If you have FTTH and your own ONT, you can also use it as main router with all the advantages that this entails. Something that we would like to point out is that the FRITZ!Mesh WiFi Mesh network is one of the best we currently have, and that is that we are going to have the best possible user experience.

Best Mesh Wi-Fi System of 2022: ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12

If you are looking for the most powerful Wi-Fi Mesh system of this year 2022, the ASUS Zen WiFi Pro ET12 is what you are looking for. This Wi-Fi Mesh system is simultaneous triple band with Wi-Fi 6E and AXE11000 class. This model has the 6GHz band with all the advantages, such as the 160MHz channel width without interference, OFDMA and MU-MIMO that we already had before. Each ET12 has 1 2.5G Multigigabit port for the Internet WAN, we also have 1 2.5G Multigigabit port for the LAN and a total of 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

This WiFi Mesh system is the fastest and most powerful that we have tested so far, if you have a very large house and want to have seamless WiFi coverage, this model is the one you should buy without any doubt.

Best Mesh Ecosystem of 2022: D-Link EAGLE PRO AI

During this year, the manufacturer D-Link launched a new family of Wi-Fi equipment specifically aimed at the home market. Although we previously had support for WiFi Mesh with specific WiFi routers and repeaters, now D-Link with its new EAGLE PRO AI family It has incorporated complete compatibility, and not only between routers and repeaters, but we can form a Mesh network made up of routers, specific WiFi Mesh systems and also WiFi repeaters.

The D-Link solution is one of the cheapest we can buy, it is ideal for users who want to have a very good WiFi network both in terms of coverage and speed, but without spending a lot of money on a Mesh solution. All the equipment in this family is around 50 euros approximately, they have the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and have quite advanced firmware that will allow us to configure many aspects of the equipment.

Best Professional Wi-Fi 6 AP: EnGenius ECW230S

EnGenius has launched a professional AP with the highest performance Wi-Fi 6 standard, this model is simultaneous dual band with Wi-Fi 6 and AX3600 class. However, although it has some really powerful hardware features, the most important thing is the software incorporated in this professional AP, and that is that it is an AP specifically oriented to provide the best possible security to the network and to the wireless clients that are connected.

This professional WiFi access point allows full Cloud management and has EnGenius AirGuard, a technology that incorporates a WIPS (WiFi Intrusion Prevention System), this will allow us to easily detect any type of attack on the wireless network by connected clients, or by clients that are not connected. If you are looking for a professional AP specifically focused on security, this model is ideal for you.

Best SMB Managed Switch: QNAP QSW-M5216-1T

Managed switches for small and medium-sized businesses must be faster, because we have more powerful NAS servers with better connectivity. This model QNAP QSW-M5216-1T is a model with 25Gbps fiber portsThis allows transfer data at lightning-fast wired speeds. If you need a switch capable of transferring large amounts of GB at maximum speed, this model is ideal for you because it has 16 ports at 25Gbps and also a 10G Multigigabit port.

QNAP also has fiber cables with the integrated SFP28 connectors, aiming to provide a complete solution.

So far we have arrived with the best network teams of this year 2022, as you can see, we have the best in each category.

Other awards at the ADSLZone Awards 2022

In these ADSLZone 2022 Awards, different awards have also been given for technological excellence, such as operators, computers and tablets, smartphones, smart TV and sound, as well as wearables. Some of the most prominent are the following:

  • Best social media strategy: The Ministry of Health, due to its management of social networks during the pandemic, has also played an important role as the main source of health and safety information.
  • Best Innovative Initiative: Madrid Innovation Lab, for the development of Madrid as the capital of the innovative, technological and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Best AI Initiative: Legan├ęs Cluster, for its promotion of the Community of Madrid as a technological hub in Artificial Intelligence.

You can follow all the information of the ADSLZone Awards on Twitter using the hashtag #PremiosADSLZone22.

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