These small changes will improve your WiFi, put them into practice now

Getting a good wireless Internet connection is something that worries many users. We do not always have the speed that we would like, nor the coverage to be able to connect devices from further away. In this article we are going to talk about some small changes that can make your Wi-Fi network works better. The objective is to increase the speed, but also to have more signal.

Changes that improve Wi-Fi

Sometimes just doing little changes we can achieve a significant improvement in the wireless network. This will allow you to connect more devices without cuts and connect to the network with greater power to be able to download files, watch streaming videos in maximum quality or start video calls without problems.

Change router location

One of the first changes you can make to have better Wi-Fi is to change the location of the router. This has several clear advantages. The first is that you will be able cover your home better. Ideally, it should be in a central area, from where you can connect other devices. Also, if it is in an elevated location it is better.

but you can also avoid interference with other devices by changing where you place the router. If you have it close to devices such as a computer or a television, they may be interfering and that will pose a problem for the quality of the signal. Prevent this from happening and put it in an isolated place.

Choose another Wi-Fi band

Another way to improve your Wi-Fi connection is to choose a different band. Today most devices can connect to both the 2.4GHz like that of the 5GHz. It is important that you choose at all times which one best suits what you need and thus achieve a significant improvement in performance.

Normally the 2.4 GHz band is the one that has the most interference with other devices. It is the band that saturates the most. Try connecting to the 5 GHz one, although you should also keep in mind that it is more sensitive to distance.

Install a repeater

You can also take into account the possibility of installing a device to improve signal. You will have different options. One of them is to install a repeater. What it does is forward the signal it receives and distribute it to other areas where the router does not arrive correctly and thus connect other devices.

But you can also use other alternatives. For example, installing a Wi-Fi Mesh system or even PLC devices, which work through electrical wiring, and will also allow devices to be connected via Wi-Fi. In all these cases you will be able to have a better wireless network in other areas of the house.

Change the wireless receiver

Your computer has a wireless receiver so it can connect to Wi-Fi. Can be internal or external. In the first case it will be more complicated to change it, but if it is external it is really simple. You simply have to buy another one that has a better antenna, with greater coverage, and connect it to a USB port.

It is important that you choose well which Wi-Fi receiver you are going to buy for your computer. Only then can you really improve the wireless connection and avoid problems. They come in different sizes and features.

In short, as you can see, it is possible to improve Wi-Fi coverage. Just by following these tips that we have given you can make your wireless network improve. The goal is to be able to connect devices and prevent them from having poor speed or constantly cutting out when you connect to the network if the signal is weak.

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