Meta will not hold its F8 developer conference this year

Goal He doesn’t seem to be looking forward to holding his F8 developer conference in the future, but he can’t blame the pandemic anymore. On this occasion he has decided to throw it into the metaverse, as they point out in Muycomputer. Thus, the company has confirmed that this year will not celebrate the corresponding edition of F8 because he prefers to focus on his reorganization and preparation to develop what he considers his most important bet for the future: the metaverse. Of course, they are not going to stop celebrating it, but they are only going to put it on «pause«.

The Director of Products and Agreements Diego Duarte Moreira de Metahas indicated that they are going to take a break from celebrating F8 «as we focus on new initiatives that are set for the next stage of the Internet, and our company as well: building the metaverse. As was the case in the early stages of the web, the development of the metaverse will be a collaborative effort at each of its stages, with other companies, creators and developers.«.

Instead of celebrating the 2022 edition of the F8, Meta is going to celebrate conversationsits first company event on its messaging platforms and the future of customer communication, which it announced just a few days ago, and which will take place on May 19.

Also in Connect, which will be held later, and in which it will show the latest from the company in its virtual and augmented reality offer. But it will also serve this time to show the progress that Meta has made in relation to the metaverse. It will also host other developer presentations throughout the year.

Meta has not held F8 in person since 2019. In both 2020 and 2021 it held it online due to COVID-19, but this year it has decided not to hold it, not even online. Of course, it is not the first time that he has decided to skip this annual event. He already did it in 2009, in 2012 and in 2013.

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