Microsoft increases Bing limits again

«To infinity and beyond«, seems to be the maxim of those responsible for Bing regarding both the functions and the limits of the most popular chatbot of the moment. In terms of functions, the most recent thing has been to include a customized version of DALL-E to create images directly from the conversation, and looking to the future (near, so it can be deduced), just a few hours ago we told you that Microsoft is already working for the chatbot to offer the highly anticipated conversation history.

Precisely in that news item, he spoke of the limit on the duration of the conversations, which at that time (I repeat, only a few hours ago) was set at fifteen “shifts”, that is, fifteen questions-comments with their corresponding answers. And as usually happens in these cases, Bing has decided to amend my plan, since during the last hours Microsoft has raised the number of shifts, which is now set to 20well above the 10 that the company proposed as the necessary value for the vast majority of conversations.

Let’s remember that at first Bing did not have limits in this sense, but they were forced to establish one a few days after starting the public beta, as a result of the hallucinations that Prometheus experienced in long conversations. Thus, in mid-February, the ceiling was established at five, a value that in just over a month has multiplied by four, in one more sign of the pace that Microsoft has set. Great news for all those who, like me, felt that they were getting halfway with Bing.

Remember that you can now try the new Bing without waiting, for this you must sign up for the waiting list to try the new Bing, something you can do by clicking on this link, and you will receive access immediately.

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