Microsoft investigates the worldwide fall of services such as Office, Outlook, Teams or Xbox Live

Important Microsoft services are down or have malfunctions after a problem with the company’s internal networks. The failure affects the Office suite, the Outlook mail client, the Teams communication client or the Xbox Live online game client.

The drop in Microsoft services has affected countries around the globe starting at 7 in the morning and, as expected, given the tens of millions of users who use them, it has become a trend on social networks.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem placing it on their main network and claims to be working on a solution. “We have identified a potential network issue and are reviewing the telemetry to determine next troubleshooting steps”can be read on Twitter:

You are also reporting in real time on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center web page. Most of the services affected are professionals, although there are also other consumer services such as the aforementioned Xbox Live and games such as Minecraft Y destiny. The list is not exhaustive and includes:

  • Xbox Live
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Exchange Online
  • Outlook
  • SharePointOnline
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft 365 admin portal
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Identity and Endpoint

If you are affected in any way, be patient, there is little you can do. The drop in services in large technology companies occur from time to time and as the current world depends so much on them ends up affecting tens of millions of users. From the information from Microsoft, at least it is ruled out that it is a cyberattack as was rumored. It is certain that in a short time the company will recover systems and services should work normally again. We already inform you.

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