Microsoft says it’s not a good time to raise the price of Xbox Series

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, answered with a resounding no to the rumors that said that it could raise the price of its new generation consoles, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. These rumors made sense because they arose after the confirmation that Sony had raised the price of PS5 by 50 euros.

However, Spencer didn’t say exactly why they were not going to raise the price of Xbox Series SX and it was not clear when specifying whether they could change their minds in the short and medium term. Now, in a recent interview with CNBC, the executive has given some additional details, and has been a little clearer with everything that surrounds this topic.

On the one hand, he has emphasized that they continue to constantly evaluate the state and reality of the market, and that can’t say “they’ll never do anything”. However, he has clearly reaffirmed that they have no plans to raise the price of their consolesand has highlighted that they are happy with the value that Xbox Series XS offers, especially with Xbox Series S, a console that has been so enormously successful that according to Phil Spencer represents half of new players that enter the Xbox ecosystem.

Spencer has also empathized with the current situation of the economy and consumers, since he has commented that he understands that right now are going through a difficult situation, and that’s why it’s not the right time to raise the price of their consoles. You are right, I understand that for some a difference in price of 50 euros may be acceptable, but for others it can make the difference between being able to buy a certain product or not.

Also keep in mind that raising the price of Xbox Series S by 50 euros it would not totally ruin its value in price-performance ratiobut yes i would less attractive. What can I say, a success on the part of Microsoft, which has known how to play its cards well and has given a much closer and more sensible image to the general public. Sony, on the other hand, has limited itself to raising the price without thinking about anything other than income.

Personally, you already know my opinion, Xbox Series S has been a huge success by Microsoft, and offers fantastic value today. Its recommended price is 299.99 euros, it is almost always available for less money, in fact right now you can buy it for 275 euros. It is impossible to build a PC at its level for that money, and it offers a very good experience thanks to its SSD and its Zen 2 CPU. If we add to this the possibilities of the Game Pass the story tells itself.

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