Miners buy fewer graphics cards, soon a return to normal?

On the occasion of the presentation of its quarterly results, Asus claimed that miners are looking for graphics cards less. Stocks could therefore rise again. But the prices will not necessarily drop, because the demand from PC gamers is still very strong. Explanations.

ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

For a year and a half, we have been experiencing a shortage of components. It started with the closure of Chinese factories because of the coronavirus. It was reinforced with the logistical problems. And it reached its peak because of a sharp increase in demand. Consumers have equipped themselves to work and play at home, while car manufacturers have largely reinforced their strategy in the electric car.

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Let’s also not forget a very strong growth of cryptocurrency miners for graphics cards. The computational power and massive parallel processing of GPUs is ideal for mining. The latest generations of Nvidia and AMD cards have long been unobtainable, to the detriment of PC gamers who have not been able to renew their equipment.

Miners are buying fewer graphics cards, but not gamers!

The main smelters have taken measures to limit the power of their graphics card for mining, with more or less efficiency. But it’s decisions like Etherium, which decided to ban GPU mining as early as 2022, that will impact the graphics card market. And the effect would already be felt. On the occasion of the presentation of its quarterly results, SY Hsu, the co-president of Asus, indicates that the demand for graphics cards for mining has dropped considerablysaying that stocks are gradually returning to “normal”.

On the price side, on the other hand, a return to normal could take a little longer. The manager explains that demand will remain high in the PC gamer market. The offer will not always be large enough to meet them. These market conditions will keep the amounts above the recommended retail prices. In addition, Asus has benefited greatly from higher prices on graphics cards during the shortage caused by cryptocurrency miners. Why not take advantage of it a little more?

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