Mobile plan: Bouygues or SFR, 100 GB offers fall to less than 15 euros

[Le Deal du Jour] Summer sales are a good excuse for operators to slash the prices of their mobile plans. RED by SFR and Bouygues Telecom take the opportunity to drop their 100 GB offers below the 15 euros mark. But which package is the most interesting?

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In the right corner: RED by SFR which returns with its BIG RED offer and a 100 GB mobile plan billed 12 euros per month and without commitment. In the left corner: an opponent of the same caliber, since it is Bouygues Telecom and its B & You 100 Go offer at 11.99 euros per month. If this clash is nothing of the game of the year, it still proves that summer is the right time to save money on your telephone subscription.

To better understand the offer

What does the BIG RED 100 Go package offer?

The BIG RED package delivers 100 GB of 4G data every month. Such a data envelope is perfect for transforming your smartphone into a mobile access point during your vacation, without running out of data before the end of the month, and therefore to enjoy the Internet wherever you are.

In addition, there are unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, the overseas departments and the European Union. RED by SFR also provides 8 GB of 4G data for roaming in Europe.

This mobile plan is non-binding, which means you can leave it at any time at no additional cost. It is billed 12 euros per month.

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What does the B & You 100 Go plan bring?

Bouygues Telecom offers a fairly similar package, since it also gives access to 100 GB of 4G data every month. Here again, something to cheerfully listen to streaming music or watch your favorite movies and series without melting your package in 3 days.

Unlimited calls and SMS to and from France, Europe and the overseas departments are also provided, as well as unlimited MMS to and from mainland France. A 15 GB data envelope is also available in Europe and in the overseas departments.

The B & You 100 GB package has a price of 11.99 euros per month. It does not require any commitment.

RED or B & You: which offer is more interesting?

The BIG RED and B & You packages share a lot in common. They are non-binding, their promotion only lasts until July 27 and they both rely on a very good 4G network. These cover no less than 99% of the French population.

A similarity should be noted in the management of subscription procedures. Bouygues Telecom and RED by SFR are responsible for terminating your old subscription and transferring your new line without interrupting mobile services. What is more, the operators suggest that you keep your old number. All you need to do is enter your RIO code, obtained by calling 31 79.

There are still some small differences between the two plans. The first is in terms of price. Bouygues’ package is 1 cent cheaper than RED’s. This saves 12 cents a year. It doesn’t sound like anything like that, but imagine for a moment that we discover the secret to living a thousand years, you can save 120 euros, which is not nothing.

Another difference is the options. Both packages are customizable, for a few extra euros each time. That said, the options offered by RED are more attractive, with in particular the possibility of 1 TB of storage in the SFR Cloud for 5 € per month.

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