Dune: House Secrets coming from Portal Games

Portal Games presented a new board game arriving over the next few months: it is Dune: House Secrets, a title set in the universe created by Frank Herbert, with a graphic sector from the next film by Denis Villeneuve.

Let’s find out together what kind of board game is preparing to bring us the publishing house of Detective and First Martians.

Portal Games has announced Dune: House Secrets

Dune: House Secrets is set up as a board game collaborative for 1 to 4 players. The title is based on the same game system that we saw in Detective, but declined in the setting of Dune and in the harsh deserts of the planet Arrakis.

We will not take the shoes of the great protagonists of the Herbertian epic, but more anonymous members of the resistance during the fight against the tyranny of House Harkonnen on the planet. A first scenario will introduce us to the story, while in the following 3 chapters we will try to make the hated Harkonnen capitulate with subterfuge, planning a guerrilla war and hatching plots and betrayals. It will be a title capable of giving a real experience, like the progenitor of the Detective game system: every decision will produce a series of consequences, precluding us from the possibilities but opening up other possible strategies to face the power of the Harkonnen.

The game will be presented during the Essen fair this October, and will be available for sale starting the following week. After Dune: Imperium, let’s get ready for a new board game under official license from Dune, able to satisfy, thanks to its diversity, all tastes and palates.

For now there is no news of a localization of Dune: House Secrets in Italian, but we are waiting with fingers crossed for news in this direction.

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