Mom furious at taking her son to school late throws activists with her car: VIDEO

A enraged mother could not contain his anger at not being able to take your child to school by activists blocking the way. The woman got out of her truck to reprimand the protesters but when she did not find a positive response, she returned to her car to throw away the dissatisfied who were sitting on the floor while being pushed by the vehicle.

The event occurred in the United Kingdom when around 40 activists of the organization Insult yourself Britain wearing orange vests blocked London streets to demand that the government isolate Britain’s social housing stock.

Their protests have affected the population that has even provoked more altercations where the motorists dragged protesters to the ground to let them pass, as captured in a video shared by The Guardian:

The mother almost ran over the activists

In the video published by the Daily Mail, it is seen how the angry mother gets out of her truck to yell at the activists to let her pass because she is taking her 11-year-old son to school and they are already late. By ignoring him, the mother gets in her car and collides his vehicle in the rear of two protesters who remain seated on the floor.

One of the dissatisfied is visibly seen with a pained expression on the face as he begins to scream. Another of the activists in an orange vest gets up and hits the car so that the angry mother desists from hurting her companions.

“Get out of the way, I’m not kidding. My son needs to go to school and I to work. “, was the request that the angry mother made to the activists without finding an answer.

The incident ended without any injured person. Police reported that as a result of the Insultate Britain demonstrations they have made 35 arrests, while a car organization has warned that such protests could pose a threat to people’s lives.

With information from Daily Mail.


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