Moto Edge X: Motorola’s next top of the range

Little by little 2022 is approaching (haven’t you already seen the nougat in the supermarket?) And manufacturers begin to warm up engines with their top of the range for next year. And it seems that Motorola, with its Moto Edge X, intends to be one of the first to debut. So much so that, as we have experienced on other occasions in recent times, it is possible that it will be the first phone to hit the market with the next SoC, also top of the range, from Qualcomm, which is temporarily called Snapdragon 898. .

And is that one of the first things that we can take practically for sure of the Moto Edge X is that It will be equipped with the SoC that we hope will be presented by Qualcomm early next year, probably at CES 2022, although some voices (not very reliable, yes) suggest that it could go ahead and be presented before the end of this 2021, a rumor that would have its origin, in turn, in others who claim that the Moto Edge X could debut before we eat all twelve grapes. Something that, personally, I think is highly unlikely.

Be that as it may, for now we know that with the Moto Edge X, Motorola aims to be the first manufacturer to market a smartphone with the new SoC, something in which, yes, it seems that he would have to face Xiaomi, who would also want to score that goal. And today we also know, through GSMArena, that fast charging will be another of the virtues of this smartphone, specifically at 68.2 watts, the highest reached so far by the manufacturer, whose top so far is 50 watts.

This data has been made public by an entry registered in the C3 certification database, in which it is shown with the name XT2201-2, and in it we also see a piece of information that we obviously already took for granted, and that is that the Moto Edge X will have 5G connectivity. something that we could already take for granted both for the SoC with which it will be equipped, and mainly for its positioning in the market. A top-end of 2022 without 5G is simply unthinkable.

In the absence of knowing its specifications, a question that does arise is whether, as has happened this year, we will see two versions (with two different names) for Moto Edge X. And you will surely remember that Motorola, this year, first presented the Moto Edge S for its local market, and later the Moto G100 for other countries.

We will still have to wait until the arrival of the Moto Edge X to the market, but what we can already find is a special offer from the Moto G100 on Amazon, for only 399 euros.

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