Movies that imagined a world without electricity

The premise may sound familiar to you, a desert world and punk, electricity, renewables and fuel vacuum, but full of weapons and vehicles, fighting for the last drops of water and gasoline.

And yes, an electric guitarist comes out who keeps all the scenes in which he appears, but he can only generate energy thanks to the movement of the car, then he cannot rest watching Netflix.

Messenger of the future: The postman

In this 1997 film, we are asked another apocalyptic future because of a nuclear war. There are isolated groups of humans and there are no laws, highways, hope, or electricity.

So, how can they not be commanded WhatsApp, Kevin Costner finds an old mail truck and pretends to be a postman, carrying the letters he finds to their owners.

What begins as a charade to save one’s skin, ends with Costner creating a kind of post office, defeating the bad guys and, incidentally, restoring civilization.

Almost nothing, just comment that, as a curiosity, that future has been going on for 8 years now, in 2013.

The Flintstones

The 1994 film, with John Goodman, Rosie O’Donnell and Rick Moranis, imagines a prehistoric world, based on the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

There is no electricity, obviously, but even so, in the world of the Flintstones there are prehistoric equivalents to modern inventions, As the mobile phone and other devices, which work through a mixture of human, animal and mechanical effort.

It doesn’t seem very comfortable, but they seem quite happy.

Know that there is a whole conspiracy theory about the Flintstones (There are already them for everything) that would explain some things that do not add up. In addition, it would link them, in a fascinating way, with other cartoons: The Jetsons.

But that is another story…


The Road, a 2009 film, is based on the award-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy. There it is posed the story of a father and son in a scorched earth for an event that is not revealed.

Our way of life as we know it has disappeared, so forget about electricity and everything usually.

The few remaining humans roam the ruins searching for something to eat, wear, and generally anything that will allow them to survive a little longer.

Oh and better stay away from others, for what it could happen.

Planet of the Apes

Let’s go with the first of the two classics on this list, because we are referring to to the 1968 film, which started its own saga already then.

In it, Charlton Heston and his fellow astronauts land in a world dominated by monkeys, where humans are uncivilized slaves. Quite an excuse for Heston to go through the movie without a shirt.

Although the apes have scientists, they do not seem to have very advanced discoveries. They have firearms, yes, but there seems to be no sign of electricity in the world.

We imagine that you know what the final revelation is, but we won’t tell you just in case you haven’t had time to find out after more than half a century… Who are we kidding, we’ll bust it for you in the video above.


In this newly released Apple TV + movie, Tom Hanks is an engineer in a world devastated by a solar flare.

Just so you have it in mind, this is one of the phenomena that, in reality, it could leave us without electricity at a stroke, disable any minimally advanced device and send us back to the Middle Ages.

In Finch, the flare goes further in its destruction and charges almost everything. Hanks has electricity, thanks to huge turbines in his bunker, but the rest of the world …

The protagonist takes advantage of his situation to create a robot that takes care of his dog when he is gone and the film is, more or less, a futuristic version of Castaway, but with a robotic Wilson.

HG Wells’s time machine

We are talking about the 1960 version, starring Rod Taylor and based on the original book by HG Wells, written in 1895. It is true that there is another more modern version from 2002 with Guy Pierce, but he doesn’t have the same vintage flavor or make the same mark on popular culture.

In the film, the traveler (named Wells), tests his time machine, reaches the “future” of 1966 and, there, he meets an old friend. During their conversation, a siren sounds warning that a nuclear satellite is approaching.

Wells escapes no less than until the year 802701, because it is trapped in a mountain during its journey and has to keep moving towards the future until it erodes.

The world he encounters is very different, with humans on the surface, the Eloi, and humans who stayed underground and have evolved to live in darkness, the Morlocks.

The Eloi They seem to live in an almost prehistoric state, although they don’t seem too unhappy that their cell phones can’t be interrupted all the time. The only small detail is that the Morlocks they use the Eloi appetizer, but not everything could be perfect.


We save the craziest thing for last. Knowing is a 2009 film directed by Alex Proyas (The Raven, Dark City). But above all, it is starring Nicolas Cage in one of his delusional roles. Or rather, in one of his plain roles, which we love.

The premise stems from a girl who, in the 50s, prophesied events that have always happened, something that only Nicolas Cage realizes. One of those predictions is the arrival of another solar flare that will destroy everything.

The film is the typical nonsense with Cage at the head that we love, but, above all, there is the final fireworks.

Faced with the destruction of the world, a kind of angelic aliens take Nicolas Cage and his co-star, Rose Byrne, to a paradise planet that it is, almost literally, Eden. In fact, the metaphor is so unsubtle that there is even a tree like that of good and evil, towards which the protagonists go.

They are the last hope of the species and, the question is not that a future without electricity awaits the human race, the question is that the entire human race will descend from Nicolas Cage. Because obviously he and his partner are the new Adam and Eve.

So now you know, if you want to train for what’s next, take advantage of these movies before the screen suddenly turns off.

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