Nanoleaf Lines, create your environment with these backlit LED bars

After popularizing its panels of different formats, today we find the Nanoleaf Lines, a reinterpretation of this modular intelligent RGB lighting system, which will replace large plates with lines that will allow us to be a bit more creative when forming our own unique designs and settings.

With a minimalist format, each of these lines is 27.85 centimeters long, with two independent color zones and some connecting links in which we can join any other bar at 60 degree angles, thus allowing the assembly of up to 6 bars for each link. Although beyond the new design style, the Nanoleaf Lines maintain the same configuration as the rest of the RGB lighting panels previously presented.

This implies that we can not only assign the more than 16 million colors and 19 integrated scenes, but also all our own creations and effects that we create through the company’s application, as well as connect and synchronize dynamic lighting scenes, create reactive effects for music or any sound or voice input, reflect the extended colors from our screen, sync all the lighting with some of our games, and even create entire scenes with some peripherals.

In addition, we will continue to have the full compatibility for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Home voice assistants, and Apple HomeKit, being able to control all the lighting through them; and more complex integrations such as IFTTT, which will allow us to create intelligent configurations or automations for our lighting.

Thus, currently we can already find the Nanoleaf Lines available for pre-booking on the official website of the brand, with a starter kit of 9 bars that will amount to 199.99 euros, and additional packages with 3 other lines that will cost an additional 59.99 euros, with an estimated date to begin shipments at the end of November.

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