Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime Video: Apple TV + is the first platform to win an Oscar for best movie

It is true that the Apple TV + catalog is not renewed as much as that of its rivals, but that does not mean that it does not have quality content. More, after having achieved a historical milestone: being the first streaming content platform to win an Oscar thanks to the movie CODA.

A blow to its great rivals, and especially to Netflix, which has spent years behind the long-awaited statuette that would be the icing on the cake for a VOD platform that has become the great rival to beat. Although Apple TV + has been ahead of him.

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CODA crowns Apple TV+ by winning an Oscar for best picture

CODA Apple TV+

The truth is the film came from sweeping the awards at the Sundace film festival last year, but nobody expected him to get the statuette. In addition, it has not been just any award, but CODA has won the Oscar for best film, the biggest blow that Netflix could receive,

In case you didn’t know CODA from Apple TV+, it’s a movie about Ruby, who is the only hearing member of a deaf family. Every morning before school, she works with her parents and her brother trying to keep her business afloat. In the high school choir, Ruby discovers her passion for music..

In addition, not only has it won the award for best film, not without controversy since other films such as The Williams Method had more possibilities, according to the specialized press, but also He has also won Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film, and its screenwriter and director Siân Heder also won the award for best adapted screenplay.

In this way, Troy Kotsur has the honor of being the first deaf actor to win an Oscar since 1986, as noted from Variety.

Netflix got different nominations, but still does not win the award

Oscars: Oscar Awards - Film Awards

It should be noted that this is not the first time that an on-demand content platform has had the opportunity to win an Oscar. The first was Amazon Prime Video, which garnered a Best Picture nomination for Manchester by the Sea in 2017, although Moonlight ultimately won the statuette.

Netflix has also garnered a good number of movie nominations. such as The Irishman, Rome, Marriage Story, Don’t Look Up or The Power of the Dog. But, despite having garnered a total of 27 nominations this year, he has ultimately only won in the best director category for Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog.

Taking into account that Apple spent nearly $10 million promoting CODA ahead of the Oscars. More than its entire production budget, it’s clear the Cupertino-based company craved this accolade more than anything. Even the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, was quick to celebrate the news, calling CODA a “profoundly beautiful film” that “celebrates our differences.”

Certainly one excellent news for Apple’s content-on-demand platform, which will surely increase its customer base after this victory over its rivals. And you, do you think it’s fair that CODA won the Oscar for best film over others like Belfast, Don’t look up, Dune, The Williams Method, The Alley of Lost Souls, Drive my Car, West Side Story or The Power Of the dog? Finally, we remind you that there are 31 Oscar-nominated films that you can already see on VOD platforms. Do not miss it!

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