Never install a VPN without considering this

What to avoid when installing a VPN

There are certain points that we must avoid whenever we install any program on our devices. But this becomes even more important when we talk about VPNs, since they are in charge of encrypting personal data and can leak information and compromise privacy.

Free or trial versions

Something fundamental that we must avoid are Free VPN. It is true that we can find many options on the Internet and that they could serve as an alternative to those that are paid, but it is something that we should avoid. On many occasions they are used only for profit, to collect user data and later sell it.

So using a free or even trial VPN can be a problem. We must take this option with great caution and whenever we can opt for a program that is safe. You can see a list of the best VPNs.

Reduced number of servers

Nor should we install a VPN if you have one limited number of servers. What are they for? Basically it is what will allow us to connect to the Internet through these programs. Those servers may be located in different countries. The more we have available, the better.

If we install a program that only has a few servers, it is more likely that it will not work well and that we will have to use limited options. This will inevitably drag down the speed of the network and also cause failures and outages.

VPN that stores logs

We have the option of using VPN services that store a Registration with the sites visited and our data, while others do not. Logically, it is important to choose the latter if we want to keep privacy protected as much as possible.

Therefore, another mistake that we can include in our list is using VPNs that store logs. We must always inform ourselves before installing anything and check that they are really going to protect our data and not put privacy at risk.

Obsolete program

Another important point is avoid outdated programs, which are not up to date. This could affect our security and of course also the proper functioning of the Internet. Sometimes we find applications on the network that have been without support for months or years and that can be a significant burden.

The ideal is to use a current VPN, which has perfect support, and also make sure to update to the latest version whenever possible. In this way we will optimize performance and make it work as well as possible.

In short, these are some of the main errors that we can take into account when using a VPN. It is essential that we install a program that is safe, clean and allows correct use.

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