QNAP releases QuTScloud c5.1.0 system to mount your NAS in the cloud

The manufacturer QNAP has an operating system specifically designed for Cloud environments, in this way, we will be able to install the QuTS cloud operating system in the Amazon EC2 cloud, in Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and in almost any provider of VPS servers and dedicated servers that allow you to upload an ISO image for the installation of the operating system. The strong point of installing this operating system is that we will be able to have a complete QNAP NAS in the cloud, with all the usual features such as virtualization of operating systems, backup copies in the cloud or locally, and much more. Do you want to know what its main characteristics are?

QNAP launched its solution for users who want to install the QuTS operating system in the cloud or on a non-manufacturer server a long time ago, in this way, we can install the QuTScloud c5.1.0 operating system on any hardware, whether local or in the cloud, with the aim of having all the manufacturer’s services and applications. This new version includes all the new features of QuTS 5.1.0 that we already have with us in all its NAS models.

News and changes

This new version QuTScloud c5.1.0 represents an evolution, but not a revolution since it is based on the previous operating system to continue improving and incorporating really interesting new features. The main improvements made are the following:

  • Improved File Station performance, both for searching for files and for managing them. Thanks to the new graphical user interface, we can see a history of recently updated, opened and deleted files. In addition, we can also perform really advanced searches on our NAS, since these searches are based on the Qsirch search engine.
  • He Samba server now incorporates AES-128-GMAC signing acceleration, this allows to increase the efficiency of the data signature through the SMB 3.1.1 version, making us consume less server processor, and obtain a higher performance. If you use Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022 clients we will notice the difference in performance.
  • The delegated administration allows you to delegate up to 8 types of roles to other users, with specified permissions for administration tasks and data on the server. This is perfect for creating different users with different admin permissions, without requiring them to be able to access data on the server.

As you can see, all these changes now introduced in QuTScloud we already had in the normal QTS of their NAS, but now all these improvements are transferred directly to the cloud.

Why choose QuTScloud for the cloud?

This operating system allows you to have the same user experience of a NAS from the manufacturer, but use it directly in the Alibaba cloud, Amazon EC2, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, IONOS, Oracle Cloud and also OVHcloud among others. Another very important aspect is that we can virtualize this operating system using KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi and even Proxmox.

With this operating system, you will be able to set up cloud storage to use as cloud backups, all under the QNAP operating system so it is perfectly compatible with your NAS. Through HBS3 we have the possibility of receiving all the backup jobs, in addition, we can use HybridMount in a simple way to centralize in the cloud the mounting of other units via Samba, FTP or directly other cloud providers. Of course, it is also compatible with VJBOD Cloud. Thanks to the fact that the QuTScloud operating system is designed for use on NAS, we can turn a VPS server, dedicated server or the Cloud into a true backup center.

Of course, if we hire a powerful hardware, we have the possibility to mount our Google Photos in the cloud, making use of QuMagie that has an AI-based photo management for your organization in an intelligent way.

Remember that QuTScloud is not free, it is a subscription based service starting at just $4.99 per month. Depending on the number of processor cores that we want to use, we will have to pay more or less. We have the possibility of paying monthly or annually, logically with the annual payment we will save money, since they will give us two months. You can access the purchase of QuTScloud at the official QNAP store.

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