Never share the internet like this, it will work super slow for you

Internet connection sharing it is common and sometimes necessary to connect certain devices. For example, maybe you are going on a train trip and you want to have Internet on a Tablet or a computer. However, it must be taken into account that there are several ways to share the network between devices. In this article we are going to talk about which one you should not use, since the connection could be very slow.

What is Internet sharing? Basically it is to connect a mobile to another device. You connect the phone through mobile data and you can create a Wi-Fi network to connect another device that has no connection. It’s useful in situations where there are no wireless networks available or even if you’re with someone who has run out of mobile data.

Do not share the Internet by Bluetooth

It is also known with Tethering. It is something that we can use in our mobiles for many years. Of course, with the passage of time it has been improving and the current quality is superior. In fact, we can say that if we use a good mobile phone with 4G or 5G coverage, we can have greater speed when sharing data with a computer than we would have in many Wi-Fi networks.

We can share this data through Wi-Fi, which is usual, but also through a USB cable or even bluetooth. But it is this last option, that of sharing the Internet via Bluetooth, which you should avoid. It is the slowest and you could have very significant limitations when browsing the web.

Bluetooth Tethering should not be an option to consider, except on rare occasions. This technology is useful for, for example, playing music on headphones. However, the speed of transfer is very limited to share the Internet and be able to navigate normally. We are talking about that, in general terms, the standard is 2-3 Mbps.

That speed that we can achieve is far from what we would have if we shared the connection by Wi-Fi or cable. In these two cases, we can have a better network to download files, view streaming content or simply browse without interruptions and problems.

Share the Internet safely

Something you should always keep in mind is the security. Beware of sharing the Internet incorrectly, since you could have intruders in the network and also cause it to work worse. Therefore, always review certain factors that we are going to explain so as not to have any type of problem.

It is essential to use a good password. That’s what’s going to keep them from getting in easily. Never share the Internet by leaving the network open. How is a good key? It has to be totally random, have letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special symbols. Do not use words or numbers that can relate to you.

It is also convenient to have protected devices. Especially, it is essential that you have them updated to correct any possible vulnerability that there is. If you install security patches and updates, you will be able to fix bugs that may appear and that an attacker could take advantage of.

As you can see, it is not a good idea to share the Internet via Bluetooth. Although it is an option, you are really going to have a lot of limitations. It is best that you share a network through Wi-Fi or via cable. Whichever option you choose, always keep in mind the importance of safety.

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