New MacBook Pros support SD cards only up to UHS-II

A professional sector that usually uses the MacBook Pro are the photographers. If we look at any football broadcast, for example, we can see how many photographers who work on the field have their MacBook Pros running alongside them during the game.

And for these and many other professionals, the speed with which they can write or read from the SD cards they use is essential. The new ones Macbook pro They have an SD card reader again, but they are not compatible with the current maximum speeds.

Reading carefully the specifications of the new MacBook Pro SD card slot, there are good and bad news for all those professionals who need high speeds of reading and writing of these storage cards.

The good news is that the reader supports transfers UHS-II, which achieve high data transfer speeds of up to 312 MB / s. The bad news is that there are already SD UHS-III cards on the market, which double the transfer speed of the previous ones, reaching 624 MB / s. There are also the super fast SD Express cards (HC, XC and UC) that reach speeds of 985 MB / s, 1970 MB / s and 3940 MB / s respectively.

That means that even if you insert a card SD UHS-III or one SD Express, its reading and writing speed will be reduced to the maximum that the reader supports, that is, 312 MB / s. A pity, no doubt.

It is strange that a high-performance device focused primarily on a professional use, is not compatible with the SD cards currently on the market that achieve the highest read and write transfer speeds.

Breaking a spear in favor of Apple, it must also be said that most professionals use SD cards UHS-I and UHS-II, since the UHS-III and the SD Express have a very high cost. But this is certainly no excuse for this card reader not supporting the maximum speed that exists on the market today.

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