New playlists for activities and mood in Apple Music

One of the novelties that were presented at the last Apple event related to Apple Music was a series of new lists for Apple Music. Little by little and not all at once the company is adding these playlists to the company’s music service. Apple originally said at the “Unleashed” event that we would see more than 250 arrive to choose from according to our tastes.

In this case, the Cupertino company is implementing these playlists in a controlled way and all of them will be also available for the new «Voice» service With which users can ask Siri to play something relaxed or a playlist for dinner creating a different and more personalized environment.

Animated covers available to all subscription users

In this sense, Apple adds the new lists to all users who have a subscription of any kind to the service. So in addition to having more than 90 million songs and 30 thousand playlists, these are added new for activities and listening to music depending on the mood.

The MacStories page did a search to find the maximum number of playlists designed for playback depending on mood and activity. And is that they are not differentiated as such among the thousands of existing listsso it’s great to have this kind of guide. Apple Music added several enhancements that were featured at Apple’s latest presentation alongside the new third-generation AirPods.

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