New Star Wars sandbox announced

Star Wars is a quite irregular franchise in terms of quality within the field of video games. Some like Knights of the Old Republic and the recent Jedi Fallen Order have excellent quality, but others leave a lot to be desired. It does not seem to be the case of the next video game that Ubisoft will release .

The company specializing in open world titles has a new project that has just finished to announce in collaboration with LucasFilm Games . This is surprising in the first place because it does without Electronic Arts, a company with which it has historically maintained a close relationship.

In recent statements by George Lucas’ study, it is stated that EA will continue to be important for the Star Wars saga within video games, but there is room for other development teams. In fact, the most ambitious project in recent times has been entrusted to the French company.

Specifically it will be Massive Entertainment , with more than six hundred employees, the one in charge from Sweden of shaping a highly anticipated title by the community.

All that is known so far

In the ad little information has transpired. However, the scarce data is enough to awaken the hype among lovers of Star Wars. For example, at a technical level, the use of Snowdrop stands out.

It is an engine that has previously given very good results. Therefore, it is presumably the ideal one to develop some settings and characters that are at the height of the importance of Star Wars.

Being behind Ubisoft, a pending task will be to prevent many bugs from making a dent in the final quality of the title, something that has happened too many times with games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, one of the most broken in recent years.

Recently with Cyberpunk 2077 it has been shown that a good idea and an excellent game can be relegated to the background if it is executed poorly with an immense amount of failures. Therefore, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will have to work hard if they want to satisfy the demands of the fans .

Another data that has transpired in the same ad refers to Julian Gerighty . It probably sounds familiar to you for having been the creative director of great games like The Crew, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and The Division 2. Now it will also be of this new Star Wars sandbox.

For now The most important details, such as which cinematic installment the story will refer to or if it will be completely new, are not yet known. Even so, what has surprised the most is summarized in the great freedom that the players will be able to experience, moving around the stage without apparent limits.

Departure date

The announcement only says that a new project is underway, but the forecast is not indicated in this regard. A sandbox of this caliber will take years of development , so it will be difficult to see it before the end of 2022.

The The wait will be worth it , since it is the dream of many fans to be able to get fully into the universe of Star Wars without dealing with corridor scenarios.

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