Ninja Turtles: a new reboot from Paramount is coming

The Ninja Turtles they are about to return (once again) to a new one reboot in live action realized by Paramount.

After the New Line movies of the 90s we saw a reboot of Ninja Turtles made by Michael Bay in 2014 which, two years later, gave birth to a sequel called Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Now, while we are already working on an animated film of the franchise that bears the signature of Seth Rogen, itself a reboot of the animated series we’ve seen on TV since 1987, Paramount Pictures will once again attempt the road to live action.

Two writers hired for the live action reboot of Ninja Turtles

No plot details have been revealed so far for this new film, but when turtles are involved, it’s almost certain that it will be an action-packed journey. What we do know is that the Emmy-nominated writer of the Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost, He is his brother, Casey Jost, will write the script for the new film. The project announced in the pre-pandemic period of the Platinum Dunes reboot therefore seems to have failed.

Colin Jost was the screenwriter of the 2015 comedy Staten Island Summer, co-writer of the next Worst Man of Universal and has also published a memoir A Very Punchable Face in 2020. Casey Jost was the writer and producer of the popular candid camera show Impractical Jokers, which has a huge following online.

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