Nintendo seems to have permanently closed the Wii and DSi blinds without warning players

Bad surprise for Wii and DSi players: for several days, the respective blinds of the two consoles have simply disappeared. It has been several years since it has been possible to buy games on the platforms, but this time it is not even possible to access its library. For now, Nintendo remains silent.

Nintendo Wii
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We hope you downloaded your games in time, as it is no longer possible to access the Wii and DSi stores. It has now been several days since the platforms seem to have been closed, gradually giving up hope for temporary maintenance. If it is indeed a permanent closure, Nintendo risks attracting the wrath of many players.

Little throwback. In itself, this event is not really a surprise. In accordance with its strategy of leaving these old consoles in the past, Nintendo has already blocked purchases on the DSi store in 2017 and on the Wii store in 2019. Nevertheless, on each of the two consoles, it was still possible to download the games already purchased. However, with the closure of the shops, this possibility disappeared without any communication from the firm.

The Nintendo Wii and DSi blinds have been inaccessible for several days

Indeed, Nintendo has in no way warned players of the current situation, which explains why we first thought of simple maintenance. However, manufacturers generally leave their communities several months to recover their games before the doors finally close. It therefore seems very strange that Nintendo did not follow this path.

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On the DSi support page, the Japanese firm writes in particular: “The ability to download purchased content or transfer content to a Nintendo 3DS family system will continue after the Nintendo DSi Shop closes for an indefinite period of time”before encouraging to do so ” a.s.a.p “.

So let’s hope that this is just a simple technical problem, possibly related to the blocking of blinds in Russia.

Source: Eurogamer

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