Nintendo Switch special edition dedicated to Mario

In 2021 Nintendo is in luck. A mythical saga like Pokémon has turned 25, although it is not the only one. Super Mario saw the light 35 years ago, an anniversary that has wanted to be celebrated in style. The chosen method is the best possible: a very special Nintendo Switch .

Right now can be purchased in advance on Amazon , the electronic commerce in which the Japanese company has placed its trust for an event of this caliber. And it is that foreseeably the units will be sold out, without knowing when there will be stock again.

That is why many fans of both Mario and Nintendo will not hesitate to take advantage of this advance sale , which has estimated the cost of the product at 349 euros . They will begin shipping on February 12, the official release date.

This is the 35th anniversary edition of Super Mario

Nintendo Switch edición especial dedicada a Mario - 1

As with other special editions of Nintendo consoles, it does not not a single alteration as regards the technical characteristics . That is, the device itself is identical to the one that was already marketed so far.

The differences are in the design, as well as in an extra product that is included in the pack. We refer to an official gift, the transport case . Taking into account that it is a hybrid game console that is usually used as a laptop to play outside the home, the detail on the part of Nintendo is appreciated.

Of course, the design matches the rest of the elements that we will detail later. The cover has a reddish texture with Mario’s own prints : the cuff, the jumpsuit and the cap together with the characteristic mustache. One of the sides is blue and the other red, while the zippers have a yellowish hue.

It is also used to adjust the laces of the Joy-Cons, which they are white and red. Again the red and blue combination is present in these elements if they are used with the couplings to handle them separately.

In case of entering them in the Switch itself, the whole set is a homogeneous red, including the Dock . It is precisely in this element that a pattern is missing, taking advantage of the large space that was available to the designers. However, it is clear that where they have tried the most is precisely in the case.

Nintendo Switch edición especial dedicada a Mario - 2

In fact, without it there are few novelties in visual terms, since this combination of colors -avoiding the inclusion of yellow in certain details incorporated in this new edition- it was already present in the first version of Nintendo Switch. Indeed, we refer to the one that has a red Joy-Con and a blue one, although the console is black.

Despite the shortcomings, due to the large number of fans it has the Italian plumber, success will be overwhelming. In fact, the pre-sale is basically designed in order to avoid speculation of users who acquire several units and later resell them at a higher price taking advantage of the lack of stock.

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