Nintendo wants to force Discord to reveal the name of a leaker

Nintendo of America has filed a DMCA subpoena with a California district court. If granted, this request will force Discord to reveal the identity of the person who leaked The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art book.

Last February, someone leaked the artbook for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition. The book didn’t offer much information about the story, but it did contain sketches and representations of characters, weapons, landscapes and a thing called “Hateno Cheese”

A digitized version of the tome originally appeared on Reddit, but those responsible for the leak apparently left no trace of their identity. 2 months later, Nintendo, whose reputation is second to none in terms of litigationwould already have some suspects, and one of them had shared the artbook on Discord.

Discord may well have to cooperate with Nintendo and deliver the identity of the leaker

In Nintendo’s sights, Discord user: Julien#2743. An attorney representing Nintendo of America filed a DMCA subpoena on April 7. The review specifically mentions the leaked artbook and asks Discord to reveal the identity of the user who shared it via the unofficial Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom discord server.

The company asks the social network for the names, addresses, telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses linked to the account. Since then, Julien seems to have deleted his Discord account. ” The information obtained will only be used for the purpose of protecting the rights granted to NOA under copyright law. “, specifies the opinion.

The leaker said that the book had been shared with him by a friend, although the validity of this claim is unclear. ” I have more pictures, but he promises to send me a bunch more, so I’ll show them all as soon as I can “, has since declared Julien on Reddit. Obviously, this new action by Nintendo only confirms the veracity of the leak.

Nintendo has been very tight-lipped about Tears of the Kingdom. Although the game is a month away from release, we’ve only been treated to a handful of short, eerie trailers, in addition to last month’s 10-minute gameplay demo. While waiting for the launch, we remind you that another fan had managed to reconstruct the game map thanks to the images of the trailers.

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